PG&E improves field operation processes across logistics network



Vector worked closely with PG&E to implement custom workflows enabling better collaboration amongst its suppliers, carriers and work crews.

PG&E gained real-time visibility and better inventory management across the supply chain while decreasing the time to installation and minimizing the amount of trips to complete a job.


Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E)

Pacific Gas and Electric Company, incorporated in California in 1905, is one of the largest combined natural gas and electric energy companies in the United States.

The company provides natural gas and electric service to approximately 16 million people throughout a 70,000-square mile service area in northern and central California.




circuit miles of electric distribution lines


miles of natural gas distribution pipelines


electric accounts


natural gas accounts

PGE coverage map


Delays in processing paperwork resulted in PG&E’s inability to take advantage of early payment discounts offered by suppliers

Errors and delays transcribing paperwork resulted in crews wasting time locating missing installation materials and assets, in some cases, materials were permanently damaged or lost

Crews were frequently dispatched to job sites before materials were delivered wasting time and requiring additional trips

Safety protocols weren’t always adhered to by third-party vendors, recorded issues were buried in paperwork


PAPERWORK and unmanageable queues LED to inefficient processes and waste

avoid transcription errors

Documents were transcribed, frequently with errors that led to incorrect data relayed to other teams

resolve errors

Errors took multiple emails, phone calls and the participation of many parties to unravel, leading to further delays

manual field paperwork

Notes, material orders, safety observations, deliveries, and asset moves were recorded by hand in the field

manage physical documents

Documents were physically brought back to an office and sat in long queues awaiting processing



Material drops, asset moves, safety observations and other customized workflows now completed digitally

Vector Mobile removes the need to write down names, timestamps, or locations

Digital workflows eliminates transcription errors and delays due to paper shuffling

Work crews gain real-time visibility into material drops with full context, enabling them to be dispatched at the right time with a click of the button

Accounting teams gain real-time visibility into material drops enabling PG&E to take advantage of early payment discounts offered by suppliers

streamlined digital workflows, save time
Vector Workflows

(Digital bolS)

Digital BOLs eliminate physical paper handoffs and repetitive data entry, speeding up driver workflows and minimizing personnel contact at yards and jobsites.

Utilizing Vector’s auto-imaging module, the software has been taught to automatically ingest BOLs and tag them with a set of unique identifiers pulled from the documents themselves.

The BOLs are then shared to drivers removing any need for a driver to step into an office to collect paperwork. In addition, drivers no longer have to index BOLs manually at delivery.

Vector Workflows

(Pole Photo)

Carrier drivers capture contextual pole photos upon delivery which includes the date, timestamp and GPS coordinates.

The relevant pole desk, work crew and accounting team are all notified as soon as the delivery is complete via the mobile application, web application and email notifications.

All a work crew has to do is click on the GPS coordinates to direct them to the delivery site. If for some reason they are unable to find the delivered pole, the delivery photo supplied by the carrier’s driver provides further context.

Vector Workflows


Pre-fab concrete deliveries are captured in a similar way to the pole photos. Upon delivery, a contextual photo is uploaded with the date, timestamp and location.

The relevant parties are notified as soon as the delivery is completed across the mobile application, web application and if desired, email triggers.

Work crews can click on the location to navigate to the delivery site, share delivery details with additional recipients or make a comment on the delivery to collaborate with all parties that have access to the delivery documents.

Vector Workflows

(Back Office)

Immediately upon delivery at service centers or remote job sites, PG&E’s accounting teams are notified via email triggers and the activity feed within Vector’s web application.

Real-time visibility replete with material photographs, location data and the relevant bill-of-lading enables PG&E to confidently verify remote deliveries and take advantage of early payment discounts offered by their suppliers.

Vector Workflows


PG&E ensures their third-party vendors adhere to strict safety protocols on every delivery.

Vector’s Job Hazard Analysis workflow walks a driver through each step, reminding them of every safety measure as they perform their deliveries.

If for any reason a step is skipped, safety managers at PG&E are immediately notified and can then follow-up within the web application, mobile application or offline.

Vector Workflows


Whether it’s a vehicle, microgrid, or temporary generator, PG&E is able to track all their asset moves via a simple mobile workflow.

Like any delivery workflow, asset moves workflows also capture date, timestamp, and GPS coordinates in addition to asset information such as the PG&E unit number, VIN and odometer if applicable.

Vector Workflows


At PG&E, nothing is more important than safety. In addition to the Job Hazard Analysis workflows completed by all third-party vendors when making deliveries, PG&E safety managers proactively ensure all safety standards are followed via Carrier Observation Reports, weekly Driver Observation Reports and Contractor Tailboard Reports.

I love Vector! This has made my job a lot easier and it is great to work with. I am now getting emails through Vector to tell me my poles are delivered, which is also helpful. Hope this program keeps rolling. It's good to know we have a good service when needed.

Clarissa Colemen, Coordinator
Red Bluff - North Valley

Knowing the poles were delivered and a great picture of where they are. Saves so much time locating poles on a clearance day. Best app PG&E has had in a long time. Keep it going!

Tod Harrison, Coordinator
Auburn - Sac/Sierra

I think Vector is awesome! It's great getting a verified delivery immediately. I don't need to email people trying to get status checks or run out to the field a second time just to verify for myself. Thanks!

Trent Collins, SFET
Auburn - Sac/Sierra
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