The Vector Pickup & Delivery Cloud digitally
transforms your pick-up and delivery
process at your facilities.
Legacy, paper based shipment processes
are manual, slow, expensive, and error-prone.
The Vector Pickup & Delivery Cloud eliminates
paper, automates the process, and connects
to the other systems you already use.


Tired of gate congestion?
So are your drivers.

From geofencing pre checks to fast pass lanes, get drivers in and out of facilities in under 20 minutes.

Detention fees racking up?
Get them under control.

Gain end to end traceability and the real-time version of the truth by turning any freight document into a Google like doc that keeps logistics partners in sync.

Attract more capacity and become a shipper of choice.

Improve driver experience to become more attractive to carriers as well as give every driver at least 1 more stop per day.

Safety is more than just COVID.

Keeping drivers in the cab prevents countless safety incidents that can happen in the yard .

Join the digital pickup & delivery taskforce

Learn how shippers, carriers, 3PLs and retailers are working together to create the industry standard for digital pickup & delivery.

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