GAF Doubles Throughput with Vector YMS

Vector’s yard management solution is transforming GAF’s warehouse operations, enhancing efficiency, and promoting safety. With features like digital driver check-in, eBOL functionality, and analytics, Vector is rapidly expanding across multiple sites, signaling a promising future for in GAF’s supply chain technology stack.

Derek Heer, Supply Chain Systems & Process Optimization Manager, for GAF describes the Vector partnership as:

“Embarking on the Vector journey has been fast and thorough while requiring minimal lift to see a quantifiable difference for each of our sites. The excitement buzzing around this technology is entirely warranted, as it plays a pivotal role in transforming the landscape of our operations.”

The digital driver check-in capability is profound, serving as a cornerstone in GAF’s efforts to enhance the driver experience and ensure a seamless and secure entry and exit at their sites. By allowing drivers to simply text a designated number for check-in, the process has been streamlined, minimizing delays and optimizing traffic flow. The queued system enables staff to monitor and manage loads with precision, paving the way for a safer and more organized yard.

One of the standout features of Vector is its eBOL functionality, a game-changer in the world of digital documentation. Drivers digitally sign their Bills of Lading (BOL) through their phones, kiosks, or tablets. This not only accelerates the paperwork process but also contributes to a paperless future, eliminating the need for physical paper storage. The digitally signed BOLs are securely stored, offering a glimpse into the future where fully electronic BOLs for every load are on the horizon.

With six sites already benefiting from the digital driver check-in capabilities, Vector is poised to make waves across additional sites. The green light for implementing digital check-in and eBOL at more sites in 2024 signifies a widespread eagerness to embrace this transformative technology. Derek says:

“The positive feedback from our live sites is a testament to the tangible benefits they're experiencing in their yards. Our journey with Vector is marked by a commitment to agility and continuous improvement. A well-defined roadmap, shaped by insights, expertise, and best practices from successful implementations at other sites, propels our progress.”

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