Oil, gas and renewable energy transport company, FMC Transport, eliminates paper waste with Vector

May 14, 2020

Oil, gas and renewable energy transport company, FMC Transport, eliminates paper waste with Vector

FMC Transport is a common carrier of petroleum-based products including gasoline / diesel, ethanol, biodiesel, asphalt / emulsions, and LPG. With 24/7 on-call dispatch, FMC Transport is committed to customer service and on-time delivery.

The Results:

• Cut invoicing time from weeks to minutes
• Sped up driver payout from weeks to days, improving driver satisfaction
• Eliminated paper with a digital filing cabinet for backup, audit, and search

When in-cab scanners burn out

While ruggedized, the in-cab scanners did not live up to their expectations. The hardware and software did not hold up to the wear and tear of the conditions nor the volume of scans the drivers were processing. Since drivers were forced to mail documents back to the office due to poor scan quality, invoicing and driver payroll took weeks. Tasked with an initiative to speed up invoicing and improve document management processes, Sherry Venneman, Project Manager, for FMC Transport looked for an alternative to replace their drivers’ in-cab scanners.

Ease of use, integrations, and support are keys to success

After a thorough evaluation of several solutions, FMC decided that Vector’s mobile document capture offered the breadth of capabilities the back office needed as well as the ease of use for their drivers.

We have customers all over the midwest who require different sets of paperwork in order to invoice. Vector allows us to standardize invoicing no matter how different the documents and requirements are across customers. Invoicing time was cut from weeks to minutes.

Vector checked all of the boxes:

• Ability for drivers to easily take high-quality images
• Integrates with Synergize, TMW, and Peoplenet
• Enabled streamlined auditing workflows for invoicing and settlements
• Search capabilities make it a breeze to locate and review old paperwork
• Extremely positive references from other similar-sized fleets

I can’t speak highly enough of our customer success team. I work with a long list of vendors. There are only three that I can think of that I can count on and you’re on the top of that list. I get a call or an email back within minutes. The service is incredible and the product was well thought through from the beginning. Vector rocks!

Sherry Venneman
Project Manager

Invoicing time was cut from weeks to minutes

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