You’ve read driver reviews of your facilities, so you don’t need us to stress the importance of the driver experience. Put an end to delays, opaque information, and driver frustration.

Help your facilities while pleasing your carriers by reducing dwell time, eliminating paperwork, improving safety and providing real-time traceability.

Easy to install, integrate and use.

  • Download the Apple or Android app
  • Integrate via deep link or API to reduce app fatigue
  • Simple app with walk through experience and live support

Prevent gate congestion with self service check-ins

Drivers used to interact with your facility’s; guards, clerks, and warehouse personnel. Now they can pick up and deliver without having to ever leave the cab.

From scheduling to check in and door assignment to verifications and seals with all of the supporting documents in between, the entire yard process becomes digital, collaborative and measurable.

Take the paper out of paperwork, in the yard and the back office

Eliminate the paperwork burden for drivers as well as your partner and customers back offices. Keep all logistics stakeholders in sync with real-time notifications and accurate data.

Gain end to end traceability with a digital papertrail of what happened exactly in the yard, reducing disputes and providing clear transparency. No one has to waste time reconciling errors or combing through dusty accounting boxes. Easily search, organize or audit documents anytime, anywhere with an online filing cabinet.

You need to give to get, become a shipper of choice

Today, carriers and their drivers want facilities that can get them in and out of yards quickly so that they can maximize their hours of service.

By eliminating delays, unnecessary interactions and improving safety, facilities can secure more capacity and improve collaboration across their network. Give your carriers an easy, integrated, and seamless driver experience.

Suffering from app fatigue? So are we...

Your carrier doesn’t want another app. So give them a solution that enhances the technologies they already know how to use. Vector enhances your TMS, WMS and/or dispatch system by prepopulating everything before the load. Drivers can see their relevant orders, trips, stops, and upload delivery documents against those records.

Case study

JLE Industries

JLE Industries Accelerates Growth with Freight Document Digitization

JLE Industries is one of the fastest-growing flatbed carriers in the nation. A lot of that growth is enabled by a driver-focused culture that accommodates driver needs as much as possible and has kept their turnover rate low.