Tiger Lines Streamlines Workflows and Reduces Time To Invoice

Tiger Lines Streamlines Workflows and Reduces Time To Invoice

Tiger Lines Streamlines Workflows and Reduces Time To Invoice

Tiger Lines: Fleet Snapshot

Headquarters: Lodi, CA
Fleet Size: 200
Solutions Deployed:

  • Vector Mobile Capture
  • Driver Workflows
  • Rendition Billing
  • Vector Connector

Tiger Lines’ Problem

Decrease in average DSO

With multiple office locations and three different types of service offerings, each with its own delivery and invoicing processes, Tiger Lines’ back office realized that their current automated billing tool, EBE, had reached its limits. They found themselves unstapling and filing more than 3000 documents per week. One person spent their entire time handling a ton of repetitive rework due to inaccurate data, miss-scans, missing receipts, etc. It was time for a technology refresh, so they looked for a mobile capture and automated billing platform that could integrate with their TMS.

For the back office it’s more than just pick up and delivery to ensure commitments are fulfilled, each type of delivery service comes with its own stack of paperwork, making it even more difficult to standardize across several locations.

‍          Maribel Servin
          Billing Coordinator

‍ The Solution

Screen Shot 2019-04-30 at 11.06.05 AM.png
No new back office hires during seasonal 25% fleet expansion

Vector made it easy for Tiger Lines to streamline their operations from the field to the back office. The mobile capture app and customized driver workflows not only allowed the team to centralize invoicing across multiple locations, it gave their customers the visibility they wanted with real-time POD and BOL scans. Coupled with Vector’s rendition billing solution, Tiger Lines has saved more than 10 tons of paper which was stored in a 50 foot trailer. Now everything is digitized, indexed and can be easily searched later for auditing. Since implementing Vector, the Tiger Lines team has been able to claw down the time to invoice after delivery from 10 to less than five days.

‍The Results

  • Improved billing cycles from days to minutes
  • Reduced manual data entry for drivers, improving job satisfaction
  • Scaled seasonal operations by 50 drivers without added overhead
  • Improved visibility for customers and the back office
  • Saved 10+ tons of paperwork

From POC to onboarding and continuous customer service, the Vector team has been a breeze to work with. We appreciate the onsite visits, insight into the product roadmap and how our feedback influences future releases.

‍          Danielle Bakey
          Billing Manager

Download the Tiger Lines x Vector Case Study as a PDF

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