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How Fleets are Using Tech to Stay Safe During COVID-19
Fleets of all sizes are taking steps to help protect their drivers and office staff from contracting the virus while on duty. These steps include sanitizing of workspaces, truck cabs, paperwork, and anything else people come into contact with. They are also turning to eBOLs to eliminate the need for shippers, carriers and receivers to physically interact.
May 27, 2020
Technology Steps Up to the COVID-19 Crisis
Trucking executives, dispatchers, and driver managers at fleets big and small are making use of existing technological tools in their offices and vehicles to adapt to work from home as well as contactless in the field.
May 27, 2020
5 Ways to Boost Fleet Efficiency
To thrive in a world governed by ever-evolving technology, it is necessary for fleet operation teams to keep up with the times and constantly innovate. Such efforts will not only ensure greater efficiency but also improve productivity, reduce costs and yield many other benefits. As a fleet owner or manager, here are some of the things you can do to reap all these advantages.
May 26, 2020
Oil, gas and renewable energy transport company, FMC Transport, eliminates paper waste with Vector
FMC Transport is a common carrier of petroleum-based products including gasoline / diesel, ethanol, biodiesel, asphalt / emulsions, and LPG. With 24/7 on-call dispatch, FMC Transport is committed to customer service and on-time delivery.
May 14, 2020
Dedicated Lanes in Trucking: Better for Your Drivers?
Fleet managers may offer drivers dedicated lanes. Take a closer look at this concept and the pros and cons of using this strategy. 
May 14, 2020
All About ELD Exemptions: Are You Exempt From the ELD Rules?
Let's dive into ELD exemptions and dispel some of the confusion surrounding the ELD rule. Learn how to stay on top of the ELD rule going forward.
May 12, 2020
Recap of Planning for Disruption: Get Ahead of the Curve With Technology and Financial Planning
With increasing complexity in our global supply chains, the need for adaptability to evolving logistics is a must have for fleet operations teams. There was an overwhelming amount of participation during this webinar, validating that this is an important and timely topic.
May 3, 2020
Vector enhances OCR with text extraction for trucking documents
Traditionally, OCR was limited to only recognize characters printed in pre-set font styles. Today, OCR is capable of recognizing individual, printed hand-written characters. 
April 27, 2020
Trucking Carriers: How Accounting Can Support Operations
Carriers are always looking to improve their trucking operations, here we'll discuss how accounting can serve as one of the biggest tools to this end.
April 27, 2020
Coronavirus pushes fleets to digitize payments, shipping docs
Vector is working to introduce a digital proof-of-delivery (POD) process between shippers and carriers that uses GPS, photos, text communications with dock workers and other data points as a substitute for a POD.
April 26, 2020
What Is Intermodal Trucking? Your Complete Guide
Learn what freight intermodal trucking handles, what the pros and cons are, and why intermodal trucking is vital to the logistics industry.
April 22, 2020
LTL vs. FTL: They're Different, and It Matters
Today we will look at the most important aspects of LTL and FTL and examine the pros and cons of the differences between these two modes of shipping.
April 22, 2020
Trucking KPIs: 6 That Freight Managers Need to Track
Learn why trucking KPIs are critical for success and are something every company should be using to guide its operations. 
April 17, 2020
What Is LTL Trucking? Here's What You Need to Know
LTL is defined in the logistics world as "less than truckload." LTL shipments involve freight that doesn't require an entire trailer.
April 16, 2020
Who Issues a Bill of Lading? Here Are the Responsible Parties
The carrier issues the bill of lading when they take control of the goods. The shipper, consignee, carrier, and notify party are the responsible parties.
April 16, 2020
What Is Freight Factoring? A Dead Simple Introduction
Trucking companies use freight factoring to maintain cash flow. What are the pros and cons, and can mobile techonology reduce dependance on creditors?
April 15, 2020
Lumper Receipt: What Is It and What Should Be on It?
What's a lumper? Learn why they're part of freight and how companies pay them. We'll look at lumper receipts and streamlining them with technology.
April 15, 2020
What Is Reefer Freight? A Full Overview
This post will provide a full overview of reefer freight. We'll cover what's commonly considered the good, the bad, and the ugly of running reefers.
April 15, 2020
Supply Chain Management Blogs: 11 to Follow in 2020
Supply chain management is a vast and complicated topic—here we'll list our top 11 most informative and comprehensive supply chain management blogs.
April 10, 2020
What Is Full Truckload? Everything You Need to Know About FTL
One strategy all managers moving freight need to know about is full-truckload shipping. Learn how FTL can be beneficial for shipping loads of all sizes.
April 10, 2020
Why Is LTL Freight Slow? Contributing Factors
Here you'll find a detailed discussion of what LTL freight is, if the industry has really slowed down in recent months and why.
April 9, 2020
Document Scanning and Document Imaging: What's the Difference?
In clarifying differences between document scanning and document imaging, we'll look at emerging areas of tech and best practices with paperless workflow.
April 9, 2020
TMS Applications: An Introductory Guide and Some Popular Ones
All logistics companies need transportation management systems (TMSs). Here are some TMS application basics, key features, and suggestions for TMS options.
April 9, 2020
Perdue digitizes and expedites 70,000 loads per year
Maryland based agribusiness industry heavyweight, Perdue Farms, employs 285 drivers. Last year, the private fleet consisted of 175 drivers and this year they are on track to reach 400. Despite the current pandemic, Perdue is rapidly expanding.
April 7, 2020
What Is a Freight Bill? A Complete Guide
The freight bill is one of the most important documents in any exchange of goods. This post provides a complete overview of the freight bill.
April 2, 2020
How Do Traffic Enforcement Cameras Work?
How do traffic enforcement cameras work? Are they legal? Who controls them? Get the answers to these questions and more in this article.
April 2, 2020
Fleet Management vs Fleet Operations: What's the Difference?
Fleet Management vs Fleet Operations: Learn what these they have in common and what is difference about these two important logistic concepts.
April 2, 2020
The Essential Differences: Proof of Delivery vs Bill of Lading
Highlights key differences in proof of delivery vs bill of lading documents, explaining what they mean and everything you need to know before signing them. 
April 2, 2020
What Is a Bill of Lading for Car Haulers, and What's on It?
The bill of lading for car haulers is unique to its space. Here you'll learn what's include on the car hauler BOL and why it's there.
April 2, 2020
Driver Management: 4 Ways to Get the Most Out of Drivers
Technological innovations are helping to minimize human error in logistics. Here are 4 driver management tools and tactics to get the most of your drivers
April 2, 2020
This vector slows Coronavirus transmission
A software startup that digitizes back office operations for trucking companies is serving a larger purpose as companies seek touchless solutions during the Coronavirus outbreak.
April 1, 2020
Electronic Bill of Lading: Everything You Need to Know in 2020
Of all the paperwork in the world of logistics the most important piece is the BOL. Learn everything you need to know about an electronic bill of lading.
March 31, 2020
What Is a Tank Damage Report and What Does It Look Like?
Learn all about the ins and outs of tank damage reports, complete with templates and some best practices you can implement to mitiage your risk.
March 27, 2020
The End of Paper: Announcing Digitized Trucking Documents
The ultimate goal is not to eliminate paper, but to improve businesses’ productivity and profitability. We get it, your customers and partners still use paper so you're forced to conform to how they operate. That doesn’t mean you can’t begin eliminating as much paper as possible out of your business.
March 21, 2020
Managing Fuel Receipts Within a Business
Here you'll learn about commercial fuel receipts. We'll address how to use them, reimbursements, efficient methods of tracking, and keeping fuel costs down.
March 20, 2020
Landed Costing: What It Is and How to Calculate It
In this post, we'll cover the proper definition of landed costing and related terms with examples for how to calculate landed costing.
March 19, 2020
Vehicle Inspection Reports: What to Look for and Where to Find Them
Learn all about vehicle inspection reports: their components, some examples, how often you need to fill one out, and how software can make them easier.
March 19, 2020
What Is Traffic Management? a Definition and Guide
Traffic management and transportation management sound similar, but are two different, yet important aspects of roads, infrastructure and logistics.
March 19, 2020
What Is a Trip Envelope? a Definition and Where to Find One
A trip envelope contains information about a drive, including vehicle and driver details, route, expenses, and miscellaneous details or costs.
March 19, 2020
Electronic DVIR, the How and Why: A Guide to Going Digital
Want to make the case for going digital? Here's your guide to what makes an electronic DVIR, or eDVIR, superior to paper DVIRs.
March 19, 2020
Can digitization in trucking slow down the spread of Coronavirus?
Trucking is the backbone of America, and now more than ever we need precious supplies at hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, big block stores, supermarkets, and local shops. Although there is quite a bit of fear and uncertainty, trucking is being called on in an even larger way to move supplies across our country. 
March 17, 2020
Transportation Analysis and Cost Calculation: How It Works
Here you'll find what transportation and logistics analysis covers, and how to calculate the costs at the foundation of it all.
March 13, 2020
Intelligent Transport Systems: A Complete, Current Guide
As intelligent transport systems become a reality, logistics operators can step into the future and benefit their bottom line today.
March 13, 2020
Logistics Blogs: The Top 10 You Should Be Following
10 go-to logistics blogs that I visit regularly when I am looking for reliably good news and content related to the logistics industry.
March 13, 2020
Transportation Blogs: 9 You Should Bookmark
I've decided to share a distilled list of my favorite transportation blogs and what type of content I look for on each site.
March 13, 2020
Truck Driver Safety Checklist: 13 Steps for a Safe Trip
This article on truck driver safety checklist guides you through the most important things that you should keep in mind to travel safely on the road.
March 12, 2020
Replenishment Planning: What It Is and How It Works
Learn how replenishment planning can help you in knowing how much and when to replenish inventory in order to achieve customer satisfaction and loyalty.
March 12, 2020
Logistics Trends in 2020: 6 Things to Look For
Six logistics trends and innovations to look for in 2020. As the logistic industry modernizes, the global market will be worth about $75 billion by 2030.
March 12, 2020
What Is the Best App for Truckers? 7 You Should Check Out
What's the best app for truckers? Seven top apps for on-road navigation to streamlining data collection and reporting—and everything in between.
March 12, 2020
A Complete Guide to Understanding the Delivery Document
What information does the delivery document contain and what is its purpose? Here is a complete guide to understanding the delivery document.
March 12, 2020
Pick Ticket: The What, Why, & Examples - Everything to Know
A pick ticket is a list with all items a shipper must pack and ship to a buyer. This post explores the document, its advantages, and the information in it.
March 12, 2020
Trip Cost Report: What It Is and What It Looks Like
Learn about the essentials of trip cost reports including what they look like, how they are filled out, what they are used for, and where to get them.
March 10, 2020
Overweight Ticket: What It Means and What It'll Cost You
What is an overweight ticket? How much does it cost? How can drivers avoid them? Find answers and three tech solutions to help avoid overweight tickets.
March 10, 2020
Carrier Invoice: A Definition and Examples
This post will walk you through the carrier invoice with a definition and examples including what its fields are and where to find templates you can use.
March 10, 2020
Vector now a part of Honeywell's Global Vendor Program
Vector Capture, Workflows and TMS integration now available for thousands of Honeywell clients in their pursuit to help transportation companies speed up their delivery to cash
March 2, 2020
How to Justify the Cost of Fleet Management Software
If you're looking to grow on a tight budget, it can seem tough to justify the cost of fleet management software. Read this to learn what the ROI is.
February 26, 2020
What Is a Bill of Lading and What's Its Purpose?
Let's discuss what a bill of lading is, why we need it, and various solutions for streamlining the tracking and proocessing of them.
February 21, 2020
Streamline Invoice Processing? 4 Actionable Steps to Help
Eliminating bottlenecks and avoiding discrepancies will streamline invoice processing, helping you manage cash flow, keep you agile, and get paid quicker.
February 21, 2020
What Is Proof of Delivery? Understanding the What and Why
Learn about proof of delivery and how it confirms that the consignee has received the expected goods from the sender without any visible damage.
February 21, 2020
Fleet Audit: How to Ensure Your Fleet's Efficiency
Audits are necessary for improving a company's efficiency. This post will advise you on ways to improve your fleet audit operations.
February 20, 2020
How Unique Is Your Trucking Delivery Process?
Learn how custom integrations allow you to use technologies like TMSs without giving up what makes your trucking delivery process unique.
February 14, 2020
Why Automated Billing in Trucking Is an Organizational Initiative
Billing automation improves billing efficiency and reduces unbilled revenue. Find out how to implement automated billing in your trucking company.
February 14, 2020
How Mobile Software Can Improve Your Trucking Fleet Operations
With the prevalence of smartphones, it's easier than ever to set up mobile software for optimizing fleet operations and empower teams to improve efficiency!
February 13, 2020
How to Make Your TMS Mobile
In this post, learn how to use mobile apps to extend the capabilities of your transportation management system onto the field with your iPhone.
February 12, 2020
7 Types of Software Every Fleet Should Be Using to Maximize Profit
Fleet managers must continuously look to improve efficiency, here are seven types of fleet management software to help maximize profit and mitigate losses.
February 11, 2020
What Software Is Used in Logistics? 3 Types You'll Need
A lot goes into logistics management, but you don't have to do it all yourself. Read this to learn what software is used in logistics to make it easier.
February 10, 2020
What Is a Transportation Management System? TMS Explained
A TMS helps you get products where they need to go with accuracy and low cost by removing the obstacles of paper-based systems.
February 10, 2020
How Do I Track My Fleet? 3 Approaches to Consider
Whether it's big or small, your organization can benefit from these three considerations if you are wondering: "How do i track my fleet?"
February 8, 2020
What Is Fleet Management? Here's What You Should Know
Learn how fleet management works to reduce costs and optimize the use of the fleet's trucks. Plus, read about new technologies to help achieve those goals.
February 8, 2020
Fleet Management Integrations: 4 Ways To Simplify Your Life
The four essential fleet management integrations that will simplify your life: TMS, GPS, Smart fuel, and document imaging by Vector.
February 8, 2020
What Does Fleet Operations Mean? A Simple Introduction
Fleet operations maximize how organizations use vehicles to reduce costs associated with transport. Learn how to use fleet operations for your organization!
February 8, 2020
How Much Does Fleet Management Software Cost?
Learn what fleet management software includes, how much you'll pay for it, and how to decide what software is right for your fleet.
February 7, 2020
What Is a TMS Platform? How Technology Helps Manage Freight
This post is going to tell you exactly what you want to know. What a TMS platform is, what it does, how you can benefit from it, and more.
February 7, 2020
What Is a Fleet Manager? Everything to Know About the Role
A fleet manager is a crucial position for an entity operating 15+ vehicles at a time. Learn about the roles and traits of a successful fleet manager.
February 6, 2020
How Does a Fleet Management System Work? A Quick Guide
How does a fleet management system work? Learn how they can help with performance metrics, real-time insights, and tools to make critical decisions. 
February 6, 2020
Come hang out with us at the 2020 Omnitracs Outlook conference!
This will be our first time exhibiting at the event, and we are proud to be silver sponsors. Stop by and say hi, we’ll be at booth #4.
January 29, 2020
Tiger Lines Streamlines Workflows and Reduces Time To Invoice
Tiger Lines Streamlines Invoicing with Vector Delivery to Cash Suite . "For the back office it’s more than just pick up and delivery to ensure commitments are fulfilled, each type of delivery service comes with its own stack of paperwork, making it even more difficult to standardize across several locations.‍"
January 28, 2020
Mobile Document Capture and New Automated Billing in One Delivery to Cash Platform
New rendition billing coupled with mobile document capture enhances TMS
January 27, 2020
Rapid Fire Demos: Growing revenue, efficiency and trucker satisfaction
“The delivery cash workflow allows your company to invoice immediately upon delivery and work more efficiently,” said Ben Masters, director of customer success.
December 5, 2019
Sharco Express Slashes Paperwork Processing Time, Frees Cash Flow
Onboarding took less than a week and, “since implementation, it hasn’t been on my mind at all. It’s easy, it’s operating in the background. The drivers use it day in and day out. The accounting team is processing invoices from it. It’s easy for guys to pick up. I don’t take any phone calls,” says Ball.
September 23, 2019
Rapid-fire pitch: Vector digitizes documentation of all shapes and sizes, even if crumpled and torn
Technology improvements have increased relevance in most freight-related operations. However, many processes are still paper-intensive. This is a problem for companies that seek to analyze operational data, because extracting data from paperwork is an arduous exercise in itself.
September 3, 2019
FreightTech 25: Vector is digitizing paperwork to make fleet operations more efficient
In a fragmented freight industry that contends with a few hundred thousand fleets, the difference between running a tight ship and a freight hauling business that leaks dollars could be a fine line. Though technology has helped companies catapult themselves out from sticky situations with regard to operational efficiency, changing eons-old processes could be a tough ask, especially with large freight businesses.
September 3, 2019
Vector creates automated doc-scanning app for drivers, fleets
Vector, formerly named LoadDocs, announced a new intelligent processing feature called Vector Back Office that automatically transcribes data from documents captured by drivers using its smartphone scanning app.
September 3, 2019
Vector Back Office Streamlines Data Entry
Vector Back Office is a transportation management solution to help carriers and shippers streamline data entry.
September 3, 2019
Digital docs: image quality counts
In trucking operations, digital delivery documents can save significant time and money—if they work. One Colorado-based fleet made the switch from paper, but in actual use, the documents fell short. Then the company tried something else.
September 3, 2019
Platform Science adds Vector mobile doc scanning to IoT platform
Platform Science has partnered with Vector (previously LoadDocs) to add mobile document capture and workflow software to its IoT fleet management platform.
September 3, 2019
Buchheit Logistics Reduces Costs By Streamlining Invoicing
Buchheit Logistics was looking for a solution that would both reduce the costs associated with paperwork and streamline the overall invoicing process. With Vector, Buchheit now has an efficient workflow that alleviates the need for manual paperwork processing and enables the company to bill customers more quickly.
September 3, 2019
Western Distributing Moves Trip Documents Faster Via Vector
For Denver-based Western Distributing Transportation Co., speeding up delivery paperwork with a mobile app that allows drivers to send documents straight from the road to the back office sounded like a potential game-changer — that is, if the technology worked. The carrier turned to Vector's app frustrated with another provider's unreliable document scans, which stunted the potential of technology that promised to slash paperwork processing time and costs. Now, after a smooth transition to the Vector app, Western Distributing is seeing the benefits of a more streamlined digital workflow, including drivers happy with the easy-to-use solution.
September 3, 2019
Brady Trucking Implements One Day Invoice Turn-Around Time
"We have sped up our processing considerably. Some orders before Vector were as many as 10 or 12 days out a time."
September 3, 2019
Crestwood Transportation Relies On Vector To Decrease Processing Times And Expedite Billing
At a central supply and logistics hub in Kansas City, transportation services provider Crestwood Transportation LLC is building a new model for modern fleets. Fresh off a re-engineering of business systems primed for today’s competitive landscape, the company now runs on real-time data and streamlined back-office systems. Amid a push to make the most of new technologies, the Vector mobile document scanning app has become a crucial link between drivers and business leaders at home base. Eight months into a deployment that now covers all 280 trucks in Crestwood’s fleet, the company relies on Vector for high-quality images of crucial documents to decrease processing times and expedite billing.
September 3, 2019
Fleet Q&A: White Hawk Carriers
At the northern end of California’s agricultural Central Valley, Stockton-based contract carrier White Hawk Inc. is a small fleet with a big job: moving tons of fresh produce grown on nearby farms to markets in the Midwest and beyond.
February 21, 2019
Tribe Transportation Grows Fleet And Speeds Up Cash Flow
Tribe has measured an average seven-day decrease in DSO, or accounts receivable turnover. “We’re able to get our bills of lading in, we’re able to invoice quicker, which speeds up our cash flow,” Gooch says. That’s really the game changer for us.”
February 21, 2019
Vector raises $10 million to accelerate trucking tech
Vector has raised $10 million in a Series A funding round led by Goldcrest Capital with participation from 8VC and Congruent Ventures. The company will use the investment to continue to build out its highly customizable mobile-first platform to automate workflows, reduce processing time, and enable real-time visibility from the highway to the back office.
February 21, 2019
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