5 Ways To Reduce Supply Chain Costs With a Yard Management System

Managing the yard comes with its fair share of troubles, trials, and tribulations. The good news is that many yard management pains can be reduced by going paperless. No, it doesn’t have to be a one day transition, but embracing a Yard Management Solution (YMS) can help reduce supply chain costs and end the manhunt for visibility. Curious? Here’s how a world-class yard management system gets it done.

Yard Management System Supply Chain Cost Hacks


Improve Yard Visibility and Optimization in Real-time

Since any software worth its weight in gold is cloud-based, you’ll get real-time visibility for all yard operations and activities. This includes digitized documents for maximum visibility and efficiency. Want to know when a driver arrived and how long the check-in process took? Done. Want to see a specific electronic Bill of Lading (eBOL) while you’re still vacationing in the Bahamas? No problem (but really, don’t work when you’re on vacation). Do you need to communicate a change or delay? Go for it.

Aside from these perks, an integrated software platform allows you to reduce costs by streamlining the process from start to finish. Everything you need — and no useless fluff — can be accessed in real time from the palm of your hand. When you know what’s going on, you can achieve supply chain flexibility. Straight up, a YMS is more time and cost-effective than juggling multiple applications, systems, and handwritten BOLs.


Reduce Labor Costs

Utilizing a YMS means yard workers will spend less time making calls, searching for inventory, sighing at the existence of paper BOLs, and completing other low value manual tasks.

According to Industrial Distribution:

“Despite growing complexity, roughly 60% of all businesses still rely on manual practices for their yard management. This practice creates delayed receipt processing, delayed outbound shipments, higher detention costs and higher operational costs.”
There’s one more thing. You can improve employee retention — and general happiness — as a forward-thinking company that values technology and work optimization.

With all of these delays and costs in traditional supply chain management, it’s about time for an upgrade. With YMS software, processes that usually need to pass through multiple hands (ie. truck arrival and exiting) can be automated. Smooth automation reduces labor costs and frees up employees so they can focus on higher-value activities for client satisfaction.

Get best practices for reducing dwell time


Improve Efficiency and Productivity

Improving efficiency and productivity begins with proper integration of your yard management system with other systems you use for a warehouse management system (WMS) or a transportation management system (TMS). With full integration capabilities, you’ll have a streamlined process all the way through for increased yard productivity.

This will also translate to faster transition points for goods as they move through the supply chain. Software that allows for open API can let you control, manage, and store your yard data efficiently for fewer errors and speedier management — no more paper files. With smoother transitions, you can get inventory in and out of your yard without the headache of a paper trail. That boils down to an increased capacity for the yard (hurray!).


Reduce Risk of Delays and Errors

Misplaced or lost trailers can do more than delay your operations, they can ruin a yard’s reputation. Stack that on top of inaccurate or missing documents and you may as well walk out of the bathroom with the toilet paper stuck on your shoe.

A cloud-based YMS can use tracking in real-time so you know who and what is in your yard at all times. An integrated eBOL can reduce manual errors and improve efficiency for both yard staff and drivers. Want more? An electronic data interchange (EDI) that can share advanced shipping notices (ASNs) can further reduce documentation errors and increase the speed at which drivers check in and exit the yard. The improvements to logistics by going digital are almost limitless.


Better Inventory Management

A YMS brings a real-time view of inventory levels and locations. When you know, you know — discovering empty space in your yard is only a gift if you find it soon enough to make a difference. The increased visibility provided by yard management software gives you the time to optimize available space as the space becomes available. And yes, you can communicate with all involved parties using the software’s messaging capabilities.

What else? You’ll feel more comfortable reducing your safety stock. Stock that sits still is costing you money. Optimizing inventory management can reduce inventory carrying costs and free up working capital to grow business through marketing efforts or — dare we say it — increasing your use of YMS.

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Reduce Costs With the Vector Yard Management Solution

The Vector Yard Management Solution can help you keep costs down across the yard. That’s because Vector improves visibility and efficiency that scales for any size facility so your carriers will rave about your shipper of choice rankings.

Some Vector YMS features include:

  • Dynamic scheduling
  • Digital check in
  • Automated workflows
  • Dock door management
  • Spotter moves
  • Yard audits
  • Facility analytics

Vector was designed to take the paper and the work out of paperwork in your yards. Ready to check out Vector YMS? Contact us to schedule a demo.

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