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Analytics & Reporting

Do you have a question about a carrier, a set of trailers, or what happened on a particular day? Vector segments the data based on any attribute and allows users to drill down to find more information. For example, see a real-time view of the age of trailers within the year or measure the dwell time of drivers by day, by carrier, or by customer.

Features & Benefits

Receive reports in real-time

Reporting should be a function of work getting done. Why wait until the end of the month, week or even day when you can get yard charts, reports and metrics in real-time?

Integrate seamlessly

Already have a BI dashboard? No worries, Vector can push raw data into any system of record so you can slide and dice the information in your favorite reporting engine of choice.



Increase efficiency and productivity. Say goodbye to delays, handwriting errors and time-intensive data entry in the back office.

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