Touchless Accident Reporting With an Accident Report App

August 20, 2020

Touchless Accident Reporting With an Accident Report App

Today we’re talking about accidents—specifically, the evolving best practices of accident reporting.

Let’s face it—accidents happen. We all know they can be harrowing, stressful, and sometimes unfortunately tragic. The world of tech has developed touchless accident report apps that promise to remove as much stress from accidents as possible. Thus the purpose of this article is to look at the leading accident report app and see how it makes life easier in times of stress.

But first, I must admit, when I think of the word accident, the cute faces of my young children appear in my mind. That’s because one of the hallmarks of parenting is dealing with what seems like an endless string of accidents. If you’re a parent, you can attest that these childhood accidents come in all shapes and sizes.

There are easy accidents, like a spilled cup of milk all over the kitchen floor. Hey, no sense crying over those, right?

There are medium accidents, like when your son or daughter skins their kneecap and actually draws a little blood, but a Band-Aid and a Popsicle can fix that.

We also know kids have the ability to hurt themselves much worse than a skinned knee—and please, here’s to all the big accidents avoiding our homes entirely. (And to that end, I seriously recommend you consider the downsides before buying that trampoline for the backyard.)

The Little Accidents Can Be One of the Little Joys of Parenting

That said, there’s perhaps no experience more harrowing in early parenting than when one of your kids has a little accident. To be more specific, the harrowing little moment usually right before the accident—that one. It’s a public, inconvenient place. For instance, a highway, during rush hour, miles from the nearest exit. In reality, we parents should probably see these moments coming. But I’ll provide carte blanche—in advance—on behalf of all of us. Sorry, I forgot to get a college degree in mind reading!

For me, the only recourse to the little accidents in life was welcoming the challenge. When I made this shift in mindset, it opened me to a whole world of fun and possibilities!

I began to actually look forward to the inevitable moment when one of my beloved children gives me exactly nine seconds to find an acceptable bathroom. Where else in modern dad-life do I get to put on the eye of the tiger and rise up to the challenge of the moment?

Those unannounced potty-alarm fire-drills unleash all remaining vestiges of skill, agility, and instincts I spent sharpening in my youth. Indeed, there’s nothing quite like a mad parkour dash to the porta-potty across the park. The pulled hamstring is worth it.

Inside the porta-potty, of course, is another adventure entirely. No CrossFit HIIT exercise exists that fully prepares you for holding a small child aloft inside a porta-potty—so they don’t touch anything—while helping them aim, and holding your breath. If it doesn’t awaken all your senses, then you ain’t livin’! Life happens.

Which brings us back to touchless accident reporting apps and how they will make your life easier.

Is Reporting an Accident Worse Than the Actual Accident?

Here’s the thing about accidents. The accident reporting is often worse than the accident itself!

For example, while the parkour dash itself was thrilling, the reporting when I got home was not so much. I, for one, could never find the words that sufficiently explained exactly why it was great that our kid came home bare-chested from the park! Nor could I explain why wearing his T-shirt wrapped around his bottom as underpants was not only not a big deal, but brilliant!

Out in the world and out on the road, accident reporting is one of the many hurdles following an accident. Time delays, lost revenue, and insurance claims are par for the course. There are also introductions to local police and fire services, repercussions regarding driver licensing, and oh yeah, potential for serious injuries (or worse). In short, accidents are not fun. Please, y’all—safety, safety, safety.

All things considered, could you make the argument that (bodily harm withstanding) the primary motivation behind avoiding accidents is avoid having to deal with the accident reporting process? I think you can. After all, the accident is over and done. Meanwhile, the reporting process often seems like adding insult to injury.

Thankfully for the fleet managers, truck drivers, and decision makers of the logistics industry, Vector developed a touchless accident report app for that.

Who Imagined Perfect Imaging?

Certain tech companies recognized the value of a product that simplifies accident reporting. The leader in this space is Vector for a few reasons.

First of all, Vector was already leading the industry with perfect scan technology. To describe it in everyday terms, Vector’s image capture technology is like steroids for your camera phone.

Vector’s software amplifies the capability of your phone’s camera to such a degree that competitors could describe it as unfair. But unlike steroids, Vector won’t keep you out of the Hall of Fame.

In the past, pictures were the bottleneck of an accident report. The entire process was a tremendous hassle for a driver and for a fleet manager.

Making More Accidents Seem Like Spilled Milk

Vector simplifies accident reporting because as you document the crash, all the images and documents involved in the accident report automatically upload to the cloud. From the cloud, your accident report synchronizes directly with the load file of the correct shipment. Imagine how that simplifies your company’s workflow!

With Vector’s accident reports, it’s possible to file pictures and documentation automatically. These accident reports go directly to the correct location. In addition, the properly documented accident reports are available immediately for the correct back-office personnel.

Super easy, super fast, touchless. Now you can accomplish all the proper accident reporting with the click of a few buttons.

Accident reporting will never be fun, but now it has never been easier.

The Touchless Revolution

If this description of the Vector accident report app sounds streamlined and easy compared to paper documents, consider the current environment surrounding safety. Vector was ahead of the trend in safety best practices, social distancing, and touchless transactions. The Vector touchless features include:

The Vector suite of capabilities helps to keep drivers and the personnel they interact with safe throughout the day. In other words, Vector prevents accidents!  Vector’s touchless transactions prevent the accidental transmission of illness. The Vector app does this by allowing the driver, the warehouse, and the office teams to work together at a safe distance.

The best part? There’s no erosion of efficiency. Instead, everyone involved enjoys a streamlined workflow! Someone pass me an apple juice, stat—because that’s like having your animal crackers and eating them too!

Here’s to Life’s Ups and Downs

The logistics industry has been the source of worldwide innovation several times since it began. Two examples are standardized time and the transcontinental railroad. Now we’re at the forefront of another major innovation. Vector’s digitization of documents allows logistics companies to remain touchless, contactless, and disruption free. That kind of peace of mind is priceless.

I know I mentioned previously that you seriously have to consider the downsides of backyard trampolines. But trampolines are like life—full of ups and downs. My kids love trampolines, and sure I give in and let them jump on their friends’ trampolines all the time. But I’d absolutely never let them jump on a trampoline that didn’t have netting side walls.

Think of Vector like the netting around the outside edge of your trampoline—preventing accidents, keeping accidents from being much worse, and helping you control the chaos.

This post was written by Brian Deines. Brian believes that every day is a referendum on a brand’s relevance, and he’s excited to bring that kind of thinking to the world of modern manufacturing and logistics. He deploys a full-stack of business development, sales, and marketing tools built through years of work in the logistics, packaging, and tier-1 part supply industries serving a customer base comprised of Fortune 1000 OEMs.

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