Drive efficiency, auditability, and sustainability by enabling digital shipment document workflows to reduce or eliminate legacy paper-based processes. Vector’s eBOL solution allows users to pull up any document instantly based on the text of the document or any of its metadata attributes. The audit trail for the eBOL clearly shows the handoff between the facility and the driver, including the timestamps, the user profiles, and notes on any exceptions.

Features & Benefits

Cabinet in the cloud

Physical paperwork slows things down. It’s expensive to store, difficult to find, and hard to figure out what went wrong. Vector is your always accessible, infinitely scalable and organized filing cabinet in the cloud.

Eliminate paperwork

By digitizing the pickup and delivery process, logistics partners gain real-time visibility into freight handoffs. Signatures and time stamps are digitally recorded providing a digital trail that tells the story of what truly happened in the yard.

Easily search & audit

Gone are the days shuffling paper from filing cabinet to box to storage unit and back out every time a customer requests a document. Easily search or audit documents anytime, anywhere speeding up dispute resolutions.


Increase efficiency and productivity. Say goodbye to delays, handwriting errors and time-intensive data entry in the back office.

GAF Doubles Throughput with Vector YMS

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