Driver Messaging

SMS Messaging allows the shipping office to have a line of communication with drivers coming in or at the yard. Shipping clerks can use the web portal to have a conversation with drivers, who will receive the messages as SMS to their phone.

Why is it important?

Allowing drivers to communicate with the office improves the experience at the facility, saving drivers time from coming into the office and waiting in line in order to talk to someone about an issue in the yard, while also reducing the amount of interruptions for shipping clerks.. It can be something as simple as a driver asking if they can arrive ahead of their appointment time or how to find a trailer that was assigned to them but not present in the right location. The reality is that communication is inherent to the pick up and delivery process, but there is often no record of it because it’s happening “offline”. By centralizing communication through Vector’s platform, all communication pertaining to a shipment or check-in is stored, providing important context to data, such as a detention claim or excessive dwell.

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