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Digital Yard Audit

Yard audits have never been easier. Quickly update the status of trailers including temperature, fuel level of refrigerated trailers; helping with transparency and ensuring compliance such as food safety regulations.

Features & Benefits

Yard auditing on the go

Designed for auditors on the go, Vector works on any mobile device. Whether it’s a tablet, phone or scanner, auditors on the move can quickly correct any misplaced trailers or update a spot with a trailer that is currently present.

Save time
Large yard? No problem. Batch mode allows auditors to audit zones of the yard at a time. Eliminate manual errors and reduce the time it takes to perform an audit by at least 40%.
Enable automated auditing
Building an autonomous facility of the future? We got you covered. Vector integrates with RFID solutions so audits can be run without people.


Increase efficiency and productivity. Say goodbye to delays, handwriting errors and time-intensive data entry in the back office.

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