Digital Yard Access

Drivers have the autonomy to self-check into the facility. Warehouses or facilities have the flexibility to customize the information they need from drivers, whether it’s as basic as the appointment number or includes additional details like the trailer number, seal number, or CDL.

The check-in process efficiently directs drivers, either automatically or through manual routing, to the precise location within the yard, eliminating the need for clerks and drivers to wait in line.

Vector offers a variety of check-in options beyond just a mobile app. Drivers can conveniently check-in through their phone’s browser, via text messaging, or by using a kiosk.

Why is it important?

This streamlines the check in process, eliminating the congestion at the gate while keeping it more secure by having a digital record of who entered and exited. Vector integrates with your TMS, WMS, or existing YMS to publish information to drivers and your facility employees what is being picked up/delivered.

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Increase efficiency and productivity. Say goodbye to delays, handwriting errors and time-intensive data entry in the back office.

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