What Is Yard Management Systems In Logistics? + Functions

Yard management systems have been a savior at the local supply chain level of the individual warehouse, port, and yard. But beyond that, YMS innovations are a great onramp toward optimizing the national and global supply chain as a whole.

Whether the yard is at a port, a warehouse, or a rail yard, it’s clear – yards are a key link in the supply chain. However, logistics professionals face a formidable challenge that threatens to undermine their operations: the chaos and unpredictability of yard management. The yard, often overlooked and undervalued, becomes a breeding ground for bottlenecks, delays, and wasted resources.

This article aims to be your trusted guide through the complexities of yard management. Here’s what we’ll cover in this article:

  • Understand what yard management systems are
  • Explore various functions of YMS
  • Pit 5 best YMS options against each other and see which one comes out on top

Understanding Yard Management: Optimizing Operations With Yard Management Systems

Yard management is the process of effectively managing and controlling activities within a yard or terminal facility. It involves the coordination of various tasks, resources, and assets to optimize the flow of goods, vehicles, and equipment within a defined area.

The most integral part of yard management is the yard management system (YMS). It is a software solution that uses technology to enhance and streamline yard management processes. It integrates real-time data, automation, and optimization algorithms to help manage yard operations.

Put another way, YMS software helps track, stage, and streamline inbound and outbound traffic at a warehouse. They help level-load the flow of yard traffic to avoid bottlenecks and facilitate more traffic and transactions in less time. Everyone in the supply chain industry knows time is money.

When eCommerce boomed, yard management systems became vital. More transactional traffic threatens warehouses with increased operational costs, detention charges, and other inefficiencies. Thus, yard management improves overall operational efficiency by providing increased visibility and process optimization.

It’s fairly common to regard the yard as an extension of the warehouse, which makes sense when we consider the endless flow of inbound and outbound operations. As such, YMS evolved organically with warehouse management systems (WMS) and transportation management systems (TMS). It’s worth noting that many systems and their technological features integrate across all 3 platforms.

We Must Adopt An eBOL Standard

What if the entire supply chain integrated, spoke the same language, and had visibility?

The bottom line is this: as our technology improves, we need to collaborate even more, but in a smarter way. So let’s align on a simple set of contactless standards.

Yes, detractors will worry that there will always be exceptions and edge cases. We can corral the exceptions accordingly. At the same time, once we align on a standard, many bottlenecks will be eliminated so that even exceptions won’t seem so exceptional anymore.

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5 Key Functions Of Yard Management Systems

Here are 5 key functions of YMS which serve as the pillars of success for logistics operations.


Trailer Management

Trailer management is all about maintaining control and visibility over the trailers that come and go within the logistics yard.

YMS, with its advanced capabilities, provides real-time visibility and automates the tracking of trailers within the yard. No more relying on manual checks or searching for that elusive trailer in a sea of others. With the aid of technologies like RFID or GPS, you can effortlessly identify and locate each trailer, saving valuable time and effort.

Think of the chaos that once plagued the yard, with trailers scattered and misplaced, causing inefficiencies and delays. Yard management software optimizes space utilization and ensures that every nook and cranny of the yard is utilized to its maximum potential. This means no wasted space and no more desperate attempts to fit trailers where they don’t belong.

But let’s not forget about the bane of every logistics professional’s existence: detention and dwell times. YMS tackles this head-on by closely monitoring trailer movements. By having a clear record of trailer activities, you can identify bottlenecks, minimize delays, and keep operations running smoothly. Faster turnarounds and reduced idle time become the norm, resulting in improved efficiency and customer satisfaction.

With a yard management solution in place, logistics professionals have the power to make informed decisions swiftly and confidently. Need to direct a driver to a specific trailer? YMS has got your back. Want to optimize resource allocation for optimal performance? YMS has you covered.


Dock Door Management

Dock scheduling helps optimize the flow of goods in and out of the logistics facility. With YMS in place, you get an unprecedented level of control and coordination over dock management. No more chaos or confusion when it comes to assigning doors or managing the flow of trucks. YMS provides a centralized platform where dock door assignments can be efficiently planned and prioritized.

Think of it as a traffic controller at a busy intersection. YMS ensures that each truck is directed to the right dock door at the right time. You can easily access and update information regarding dock availability, scheduled shipments, and other critical details in real time. This means faster turnaround times for trucks, minimizing idle time, and maximizing productivity.

Yard management solutions provide a clear overview of the dock doors’ status and availability so that the logistics teams can plan their operations effectively. They can allocate resources, coordinate labor, and align inbound and outbound shipments with the available dock doors.

Imagine the relief of drivers as they arrive at the facility, knowing that their arrival has been anticipated and a dock door is ready and waiting for them.

But it doesn’t stop there. You can share critical information, like expected arrival times or shipment details, with drivers and internal teams seamlessly through the YMS platform.


Appointment Scheduling

Appointment scheduling brings order and efficiency to the logistics yard by intelligently managing the arrival and departure of trucks. With YMS, you can efficiently plan and schedule appointments for truck arrivals and departures.

No more guesswork or last-minute scrambles to accommodate unexpected arrivals – YMS lets you seamlessly schedule and coordinate appointments. Each truck has its designated time slot to enter the facility. YMS strategically aligns the arrival and departure times with the available resources and dock doors and eliminates congestion and waiting times.

With YMS, communication becomes a breeze. Drivers receive clear instructions and appointment details, ensuring they arrive at the facility prepared and ready to go. Internal teams can collaborate efficiently, share critical information, and coordinate efforts to ensure a smooth and efficient operation.


Multi-Site Management

With multi-site management, you get a powerful tool where you can oversee and control all your yard operations from a single, centralized platform. It takes away the hassles of juggling multiple systems, spreadsheets, and manual processes.

YMS lets you monitor inbound and outbound shipments, track trailer movements, and gain insights into yard utilization across your entire network. This level of visibility empowers you to make informed decisions swiftly and take proactive measures to address any bottlenecks or inefficiencies.

With YMS multi-site management, you can standardize and enforce consistent yard management practices across all your sites. You can establish predefined rules and workflows tailored to the specific needs of each location while ensuring adherence to your overall operational guidelines. This not only enhances operational efficiency but also promotes safety, compliance, and uniformity throughout your logistics network.

By centralizing your yard management, you eliminate information silos and enable seamless collaboration between sites. With a few clicks, you can share critical information, updates, and performance metrics across your organization, fostering a culture of transparency and accountability.


Reporting & Analytics

With reporting & analytics, you get a robust toolkit that allows you to extract, analyze, and visualize key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics related to your yard operations. Through comprehensive reports and intuitive dashboards, you can effortlessly track and measure critical yard performance metrics.

Want to know your average trailer dwell time? Need to assess the efficiency of your yard movements? Curious about trailer utilization rates? With a few clicks, you can access real-time data and insightful visualizations that answer these questions and more.

The utility of the reporting & analytics function lies in its ability to transform raw data into actionable intelligence. By applying advanced analytics techniques, you can uncover patterns, correlations, and anomalies within your yard operations.

Think about the power of predictive analytics. Historical data analysis lets you identify recurring patterns and anticipate future trends. Whether it’s optimizing yard layouts, adjusting staffing levels, or fine-tuning operational processes, you can stay one step ahead and maintain a competitive edge in the fast-paced world of logistics and supply chain management.

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5 Yard Management Solutions Facilities Should Consider Implementing

YMS options keep getting better and better. The YMS industry leaders keep raising the bar on system features, user experience, and overall value proposition. It’s a fine example, in our opinion, of healthy market dynamics driving innovation.

So how do we know which YMS is the most potent? Listed in alphabetical order, here are 5 options that you should consider incorporating into your operations.


C3 Solutions Yard Management System

C3 Solutions Yard Management System is a software solution designed to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance customer service. It gives you complete control over gate management and captures data on arrival and departure times, vehicle and driver information, and load details.

C3 Solutions Yard Management System includes security features such as access controls, virtual perimeter monitoring, and alerts for unauthorized activities, helping to enhance overall yard security. With its dock scheduling software, you can allocate time slots for specific trucks or shipments.

The C3 Solutions YMS helps ensure compliance with regulations and documentation requirements. It captures and stores essential information such as driver details, vehicle inspections, and shipment documentation. This documentation can be easily accessed, retrieved, and shared when required, ensuring regulatory compliance and facilitating audits or inspections.

C3 Solutions Yard Management System Pricing

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Next on the list is Kaleris. What sets Kaleris apart from the competition is its remarkable ability to monitor yard assets. With Kaleris, you get an eagle’s-eye view of your entire yard, thanks to its advanced real-time visibility capabilities. Every trailer, container, and asset is accounted for, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.

Through intelligent algorithms and data-driven insights, Kaleris identifies bottlenecks, optimizes yard layouts, and suggests efficient routes to save substantial time and cost. It seamlessly integrates with other systems, such as a Warehouse Management System and Transportation Management Solution, creating a synchronized flow of information across your entire supply chain.

Another key factor of Kaleris is its comprehensive fleet management solutions. From tracking yard trucks to monitoring fuel consumption, Kaleris offers a robust set of tools and functionalities that enable businesses to efficiently manage their yard operations and optimize the use of their fleet.

Kaleris Pricing

Kaleris provides tailor-made plans for its services.



With its powerful capabilities, Mobiwork ensures every step is taken with precision and efficiency. It is exceptionally adaptable and scalable. Whether you manage a small local yard or a sprawling global facility, MobiWork effortlessly caters to your specific needs. Its flexible architecture allows for easy customization and ensures that it aligns perfectly with your unique operational requirements.

MobiWork’s real-time visibility capabilities provide a detailed view of your entire yard, allowing you to monitor and manage every asset with utmost clarity. Through intelligent algorithms and data-driven insights, MobiWork identifies the most efficient routes, optimizes yard layouts, and streamlines asset movements.

Ease of use is a hallmark of MobiWork. Its intuitive interface and user-friendly design make it a breeze to navigate and operate. Training your team on MobiWork is a smooth process, allowing for quick onboarding and seamless adoption.

MobiWork Pricing

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Vector - Top Pick

Vector is our exceptional cloud-based YMS specifically designed for a seamless and hassle-free experience for drivers, ensuring smooth facility entry and exit processes. With our state-of-the-art YMS, we empower drivers with the convenience of self-service check-ins. Through our user-friendly mobile app, SMS notifications, or kiosks, drivers can effortlessly check in within moments.

By leveraging our innovative solution, you can enhance productivity and eliminate time-consuming bottlenecks. Our YMS expedites the entire process, getting drivers in and out of your facility at an astonishingly accelerated pace. In fact, our system has proven to reduce check-in and check-out times by up to 3X compared to conventional methods.

Vector allows you to effortlessly oversee and control all your dock schedules from a single, centralized location. It frees you from the complexities of manually assigning dock doors or yard locations. Our intelligent system takes care of this task for you, automatically considering availability and priority.

Vector Shipment Cloud is the ultimate solution for optimizing your operations. We’re talking about reducing dwell time, boosting productivity, and ensuring an accurate log of driver arrivals and departures. Our platform offers real-time visibility into your yard activities, providing valuable insights and performance metrics.

Additionally, we provide you with performance metrics to measure critical aspects of your yard management. Our platform also helps you track detention fees, ensuring you have accurate records to support billing and dispute resolutions.

Communication is key in the logistics industry and we’ve got you covered on that front as well. Our user-friendly app lets you connect with drivers and carriers seamlessly. You can share real-time updates on their appointments, ensuring they stay informed every step of the way.

Instead of dealing with cumbersome paper-based BOLs, you can transition to electronic versions. With our innovative system, your BOLs are digitized and effortlessly routed to the respective drivers. But that’s not all – these eBOLs come packed with valuable information. They include precise timestamps and GPS locations that give you real-time insights into the whereabouts of your shipments.

Vector Pricing

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YardView has been leading the YMS industry for over 20 years. It is designed to streamline and optimize yard operations for supply chain and logistics companies. It offers a centralized dashboard that provides real-time visibility into the status and location of trailers within the yard. This allows businesses to track trailer movements, monitor their current positions, and quickly identify available yard space.

The software automates the gate check-in/out processes, reducing paperwork and streamlining operations. It enables self-service check-ins for drivers, automates trailer identification and validation, and captures necessary information for efficient yard management.

YardView allows you to define custom rules and alerts based on specific business requirements. It also provides detailed activity tracking and audit trails, recording all yard-related actions and changes. By connecting with inventory management systems, YardView provides real-time visibility into the inventory levels of trailers and containers stored in the yard.

YardView offers dedicated portals for vendors and carriers so they can access relevant information and interact with the system. Vendors and carriers can view their assigned appointments, update order statuses, and communicate with the yard management team through the portal.


Custom plans are available on demand.


In a highly competitive landscape, the implementation of a robust YMS becomes not only a necessity but a strategic imperative for success. With Vector’s YMS, you can unlock a new level of yard management excellence. Our state-of-the-art solution combines cutting-edge technology with unparalleled functionality to help you streamline operations, reduce costs, and drive overall performance to new heights.

In a highly competitive landscape, the implementation of a robust YMS becomes not only a necessity but a strategic imperative for success. With Vector’s YMS, you can unlock a new level of yard management excellence. Our state-of-the-art solution combines cutting-edge technology with unparalleled functionality to help you streamline operations, reduce costs, and drive overall performance to new heights.

Vector’s YMS offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to revolutionize yard management practices. From real-time visibility and automated gate management to advanced trailer tracking and load assignment optimization, our YMS provides a complete solution tailored to meet your specific logistics needs.

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This post was written by Brian Deines. Brian believes that every day is a referendum on a brand’s relevance, and he’s excited to bring that kind of thinking to the world of modern manufacturing and logistics. He deploys a full-stack of business development, sales, and marketing tools built through years of work in the logistics, packaging, and tier-1 part supply industries serving a customer base comprised of Fortune 1000 OEMs.

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