Managing an Extensive Logistics Network and Automate Accounting with an Enterprise TMS

For any global company, having Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) in place is crucial to meet global logistics management requirements.

In our podcast episode with Heidi Lovstad, Global Logistics Manager for NOV, we discussed how NOV managed its extensive logistics network and successfully automated its transportation management system (TMS).

Investing in technology and digitalization

According to Lovstad, NOV recognizes the value of technology and digitalization which led them to upgrade their enterprise operation. It was clear that TMS was the solution they were looking for. Amidst a global pandemic, NOV successfully implemented an enterprise TMS that allowed them to manage all their logistics activities in a single platform.

By doing so, they were able to streamline their processes, have a global repository to centrally manage their rates and spot bids, plan shipments, and automate their invoice processing and audit.

“So with greater visibility and control, we were able to reduce the number of carriers we use, and better leverage our logistic spend to negotiate for improved pricing,” Lovstad shared.

Aside from greater operational efficiency, NOV also benefited from a seamless end-to-end experience for both their internal customers and external partners and when the pandemic forced everyone to work from home, their team was able to continue supporting their worldwide logistics operations remotely.

Having a TMS system with scalability gives you the flexibility you need, according to Lovstad, so you need to expand as needed for your operations.

“My advice to anyone considering a similar initiative would be think big, but start small. So while it’s easy to imagine a system that can do everything, focus on what will add the most value to your operation first,” Lovstad said.

While the job to improve their operations never ends for companies like NOV, the key is always — continuous improvement and innovation.

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