Logistics Blogs: The Top 10 You Should Be Following


If you’re like me, you dedicate a certain amount of time every week to looking for reliably good news and content related to the logistics industry. Today, I’m sharing a simple round-up of go-to blogs that I visit regularly. We’ll hit 10 blogs:

  • Talking Logistics
  • Logistics Tech Outlook
  • Vector
  • Eye for Transport
  • DC Velocity
  • Logistics Viewpoints
  • Supply Chain Deep Dive
  • Logistics Management
  • Cryptonewsz
  • Automotive Logistics

Strategically speaking, when I read logistics news I look for headlines and topics about the major stories of the day, as well as deep-dive and niche pieces. In particular, you may notice that I’m especially keen on posts about disruptive technologies.

My goal is to build and maintain an informed opinion on as many topics as possible in the ever-changing logistics environment. Let’s go to school!

Talking Logistics

I’m putting Talking Logistics on the list because of their podcast. In the logistics industry, we appreciate the podcast world of long-form interviews. We know that podcasts were created for windshield time. That accessibility makes Talking Logistics great content.

The hosts talk about current topics in the logistics industry. They primarily focus on 3PL freight brokerage-related content. But even if you aren’t in that side of the industry, Talking Logistics can still be a good listen and great way to gather intel. Who doesn’t love killing two birds with one stone? Talking Logistics’s podcast allows you to check the pulse of the logistics environment while you’re out running errands, commuting to work, or delivering some freight.

Logistics Tech Outlook

I turn to Logistics Tech Outlook when I want to check in on the latest tech news in logistics. This blog features content that centers on the blooming tech economy surrounding the logistics industry. Read up on software news, telematics, TMS updates, IoT trends, and some blockchain news.

Tech has already changed the logistics industry an incredible amount in the last decade. And Moore’s Law suggests that tech will only increase its presence in the logistics industry. It’s a good idea to do everything we can to keep up on the latest.


Technology is flooding the logistics landscape. New technology continues to promise an easier workflow and saved time. One of the major game changers I’ve come across is a cutting-edge imaging software company named Vector. The Vector blog is updated regularly with a variety logistics related tips, tricks, and recommendations regarding tech integrations.

Their blog content is all about looking for ways to streamline your operations, integrate your entire TMS, and help you win the cash flow game. Vector believes the future is a paperless office. I happen to agree with that hot take, and I like to check in with the Vector blog regularly for new tips and updates.

Update: After becoming a believer, I was asked to write a post for the Vector blog. So be sure to check back regularly!

Eye For Transport

I like visiting the Eye For Transport (EFT) blog for two main purposes.

First, when I’m looking for a high-level overview of recent trending news, I like to hit the EFT front page. I find it’s a good first read when I’m just getting my feet under the desk.

Second, EFT is good for when I’m in the mood and have time for a deeper dive into a particular logistics-related topic. In this case, I like to check the EFT opinion page. There, EFT features a weekly editorial piece titled “10 Things EFT Is Reading This Week.”

Do you want to take a deeper dive into how the coronavirus is upsetting the global logistics industry? If so, EFT provides a brief editorial and 10 curated links to articles written by other news sources that are entirely focused on the effect of coronavirus on worldwide logistics.

Reading through multiple posts on a single topic is a good way to build an informed opinion on a topic while giving you confidence that you’re not just regurgitating one author’s sentiment.

DC Velocity

DC Velocity is a trusted news source for a handful of focused topics. The content on DC Velocity focuses primarily on tech, transportation, material handling, and strategy planning.

DC Velocity also has a network of 10 blogs that I like to check up on regularly for a more editorial take on logistics.

Along with the blogs, I always look at the DC Velocity technology page. There, you can read up on tech-centric news that includes good intel regarding mergers and acquisitions of logistics companies.

Logistics Viewpoints

I like the Logistics Viewpoints blog for its editorial take on current topics and trends facing the logistics industry. The articles on this blog are authored by industry insiders that have a legitimate feel for logistics.

For example, Logistics Viewpoints recently posted an article on where we are now with 3D printing and the supply chain. As you know, 3D printing has been around forever. But 3D has just never broken through and gone mainstream like everyone expected.

The authors don’t sugarcoat 3D printing. In fact they hone right in on the troublesome aspects of 3D printing that will hold it back until they are resolved. I appreciate that kind of post-hype analysis that Logistics Viewpoints authors typically provide.

Supply Chain Deep Dive

I like Supply Chain Deep Dive for its organized, user-friendly, Google News-style format. Some of the articles appear to be heavy on the hot takes, but the content is still solid and the dives are indeed deep.

For instance, I found their story “Farm to Label: Turning Corn Into Textiles” to truly deliver on the promise of a deep dive. That particular article is an example of the interesting and eyebrow-raising content you can expect to find on Supply Chain Deep Dive.

They also post a ton of content every day, so you can rest assured that you aren’t reading yesterday’s news.

Logistics Management

The Logistics Management blog is run by the Peerless Media group and is a respected voice throughout the industry. Their blog is accessible to anyone interested in the back-office, nuts and bolts of logistics, but the Logistics Management blog is truly a periodical for the management team.

The typical articles you will find on their blog are a bit harder to read if you aren’t coming to the table with some working knowledge of the industry. In my opinion, their best articles are the ones that dive into the weeds on a niche topic.

On their site, you’ll also find white papers and webinars, which might provide deeper access to a particular logistics angle you’re pursuing.


I go to Cryptonewsz when I want to read up on the latest blockchain and cryptocurrency news. While I feel like blockchain has tremendous potential use in the logistics and supply chain industry, we are still in the early stages.

That said, I find it important to stay abreast on the crypto environment in order to gather a good feel for what’s hype and what’s real progress. Regardless of whether you’re a crypto-believer, nay-sayer, not-yet-er, or something in between, keeping up on crypto news is a smart way to build and maintain an informed opinion.

Automotive Logistics

Automotive Logistics provides a dense amount of logistics industry news. Granted, much of their content involves automotive companies. That said, their topics and coverage is universally applicable to anyone interested in logistics.

Check out their ongoing coverage of the electric vehicle market, which I find especially potent.

One Final Thought Regarding Algorithms

One last thought before you pack up and go for a smoke in the boys’ room. Be aware that algorithms feed you content based on your previous preferences and search tendencies. This can lead to the “silo effect” we hear about, where we only consume content that supports our biases.

The world is constantly changing, and the only way we can continue to thrive is to keep one foot outside our comfort zone and to continue to adapt. The easiest way to stay on top of the news and an array of viewpoints is to read widely and regularly. To that end, hit each of the blogs we looked at on this list and you’ll stay ahead of the game.

This post was written by Brian Deines. Brian believes that every day is a referendum on a brand’s relevance, and he’s excited to bring that kind of thinking to the world of modern manufacturing and logistics. He deploys a full-stack of business development, sales, and marketing tools built through years of work in the logistics, packaging, and tier-1 part supply industries serving a customer base comprised of Fortune 1000 OEMs.

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