Enhancements to Platform Science integration streamlines workflows for drivers 

Five years ago, we announced our partnership with Platform Science, a leading provider of enterprise IoT fleet management solutions to help fleets get drivers in and out of facilities faster, reduce DSO, and gain real-time visibility into the pickup and delivery process.

Today, we are thrilled to share that we continue to improve our integration with Platform Science making it even easier for drivers to complete workflow tasks through Vector from inside of Platform Science. 

Why is this cool?

Platform Science users do not have to be Vector customers to get the benefits out of Vector enabled facilities for Fast Pass lanes. Additionally, drivers do not have to download another app or learn how to use another interface. It all happens in the background from within Platform Science. 

Why is this important?

The integration improves the driver experience for Platform Science customers, making it even easier to complete tasks with less clicks, get in and out of Vector enabled facilities faster, all without having more software for drivers to learn or integrations to maintain for technology teams.

See it in Action:

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