Driver-friendly contactless check-ins

At Vector, we hope all of our customers are staying safe and healthy during these unusual times as we start the new year.

On the product and engineering side at Vector, we have been as busy as ever supporting the supply chain industry with innovative, contactless solutions that allow for efficiency, visibility and most importantly, safety. Whether it’s interacting within your company or outside of your company with customers, vendors, and partners.

We are thrilled to announce two important innovations that are part of a much larger vision to support contactless workflow between shippers, carriers, and receivers.

Our first is the ability to register as a user with Vector, even if there is no pre-existing usage of Vector!  When performing  contactless check-ins, it is important to get the job done. It should not matter whether you are an existing customer of Vector, a prospective customer, or no customer at all.

What matters is getting in and out, quickly and safely, with the correct load.

To facilitate this, we allow any user to register for Vector as long as you know your company’s DOT number. If you know that, you will be able to register as a Vector user and perform the task necessary to complete your contactless workflow.

A second innovation that we would like to share, is the ability to pre-fill any field in your workflow from a QR code. When performing a contactless check-in, you want to facilitate the easiest experience for the driver, minimizing the amount of fields they need for entry and minimizing the number of clicks they have to perform.

Now, you can, with a simple QR code scan from your mobile device, take the driver directly to the check-in form, for your location, with any data already filled in (such as the location itself). This minimizes confusion for the driver on what to fill out and speeds up the time it takes to complete check in steps.

QR Check-In codes can pre-populate any number of fields

In addition, Vector now allows for other applications to pass multiple data points over. For carriers with their own dispatch application, that means with a press of a button, load numbers, quantities, weights and any other field can be passed over to the Vector workflow.

Vector allows any other mobile application to pass multiple field values into any workflow

Both these new capabilities are part of our commitment to an open standard for contactless pickup and delivery.

Contact us to learn how we can help digitize your BOLs and enable contactless pickup and delivery.

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