Buchheit Logistics Reduces Costs By Streamlining Invoicing

September 3, 2019


Buchheit Logistics was looking for a solution that would both reduce the costs associated with paperwork and streamline the overall invoicing process. With Vector, Buchheit now has an efficient workflow that alleviates the need for manual paperwork processing and enables the company to bill customers more quickly.

The Problem

Previously, Buchheit Logistics’ invoicing process required drivers to overnight mail supporting documents to the company’s corporate office once a week. This created a number of challenges, including lost or missing paperwork that needed to be manually tracked down, wasted time that drivers spent searching for shipping locations, a slow customer payment cycle due to delays in collecting paperwork, and mounting postage costs.

In addition, once paperwork was received it would need to be manually opened, scanned, and attached to the proper freight bill. With a fleet of over 100 drivers to manage, all of this manual indexing time was creating unnecessary lags in the invoicing process.

To address these challenges, Buchheit was looking for a solution that:

• Reduces costs associated with overnighting paperwork
• Alleviates the need for manual indexing
• Reduces the time it took to bill customers

The Solution

Buchheit partnered with Vector to develop a solution that streamlines the entire workflow management process, from document collection to invoicing. The Vector solution offered a clear path to ROI, compared to other industry solutions, because of its simple and straightforward pricing model. This made it easy for Buchheit to justify the investment and show how the Vector solution would lead to significant cost savings. The Vector team worked with Buchheit to customize the solution according to the company’s specific needs and information it needed to capture.

This ongoing, collaborative process has resulted in continuous improvements to Buchheit’s solution that further strengthen the company’s ROI. For example, Vector integrates into TMW Systems’ Truckmate® software, so that scanned documents are automatically accessible within the Transportation Management System. This integration saves time by enabling Buchheit to cut down on manual processing and more quickly and easily see which loads are available to be invoiced.

Implementing the Vector solution is easily one of the best things we did in 2017 in regards to improving processes. All of the improvements we’re making with this solution are a step in the right direction.

Nick Aroutsidis
System Administrator

The Results

Since implementing the Vector solution, Buchheit has seen a number of improvements, including:

Cost Reductions
With Vector, Buchheit’s drivers no longer need to rely on shipping services to overnight paperwork to the corporate office.

Operational Efficiencies
Since Vector removes the need for manual indexing, less time is spent processing paperwork that is received. This means that Buchheit has the ability to bill clients faster and ultimately reduce the overall time to payment.

Time Savings for Drivers
Drivers no longer need to waste time searching for drop-boxes and shipping locations to submit paperwork.

Better Document Management
Vector alleviates the issue of paperwork being lost in transit, which reduces the risk that bills will remain outstanding for an extended period of time.

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