Where Technology Can Overcome Supply Chain Hurdles Now

by Vector | Nov 17, 2021 12:32:00 PM

Where Technology Can Overcome Supply Chain Hurdles Now

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We have been hearing more about supply chain shortages ever since the pandemic began in March 2020. Today, the challenges brought on by the pandemic are real and have been further exacerbated by businesses reopening and people getting back to pre-COVID-19 engagement. However, the current labor shortage challenges the supply chain at unprecedented levels, causing a lack of goods as the nation heads into the holiday season.

While the shift to a 24/7 work cycle puts U.S. ports on par with others worldwide, it is only seen as a temporary fix, as there are other hurdles to overcome at every stop along the supply chain. Reducing the need for a paper trail creates a more robust workflow in warehouses and during loading and unloading. Creating a more efficient and quicker process of getting trucks in and out of facilities in less time is where improved operations could give workers more time back in their days, which can help solve inefficiencies. Read the full article on Food Logistics website.

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