Platform Science, Stevens Transport, and Vector unite to deliver advanced fleet operations

Stevens Transport is an industry-leading trucking carrier that provides temperature-controlled logistic services throughout North America. Their 2,300-truck fleet offers intermodal, international, and expedited transportation services with an employee and customer-centric focus, and they take pride in offering the industry’s most advanced systems. To maintain their competitive edge, they sought the most progressive technologies to optimize their documentation and delivery processes.

Vector Capture enables seamless collaboration for all parties in a shipment’s lifecycle and was the solution Stevens needed to accomplish their goals: an easy-to-use, collaborative app that streamlines operations for drivers and office management. Implementing Vector Capture – a document-scanning technology enabled Stevens to eliminate document damage or loss and processing delays, and they significantly expedited processing times while simplifying the data input process for their drivers.


The collaboration between Vector and Platform Science has advanced our technological capabilities well beyond our vision. We look forward to our partnership with both Platform Science and Vector as we continue to prioritize technology within our daily operations

Seamlessly integrated into Platform Science’s driver workflows, drivers can scan delivery documents from their in-cab tablet and instantly transmit them to the back office. Using Vector’s technology, Stevens has enhanced their customer experience by providing access to BOLs at the time of pickup and proof of delivery with automated confirmation while drivers are still onsite. In addition, Stevens is able to quickly verify temperatures, weights, and products shipped on each BOL. 

Vector’s partnership with Platform Science offers Stevens a seamless integration and workflow, delivering a fast and simple user experience to their drivers. Using Vector through Platform Science, Stevens tapped into benefits such as SSO (single sign-on), customized workflow, GPS location of each document scan, search functionality, and workflow rules —all within one portal, which can be shared or accessible by all logistics stakeholders. 

Stevens implemented Vector across all 2300+ trucks in 60 days. From drivers to the back office, Stevens not only rolled out the solution quickly, they started realizing the efficiency gains and money savings instantly.

“Being able to work with a team of solutions engineers—and a dedicated one at that—is definitely a breath of fresh air. Now we’re dealing with one person who also understands our workflow very well, as opposed to having to re-explain. Nothing is cookie-cutter or the same with any fleet. The integration with Platform Science exceeded our expectations.”

"Platform Science has allowed Vector to easily integrate both our Vector Capture (in-cab scanning) and our Vector Fast Pass (Facility Check-ins) for fleets to have one connected workflow."

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Vector and Platform Science accommodated Stevens’ specific requests with solutions tailored to their fleet‘s requirements. For example, Stevens’ office now has the ability to run reports for analysis and easily extrapolate any data they need. Verified temperature checks are also available to drivers, enabling Stevens’ temperature control team to confirm temperatures at certain times and locations quickly. This saves drivers a great deal of time by eliminating the need for phone calls, stops for verification, and image captures, resulting in faster invoice submission and quicker pay turnaround. 

“Switching to Vector has reduced our temperature verification time by at least 90%. We have access to all our BOLs at the time of loading and delivery within minutes. This gives our team the ability to verify temps, weights, and products shipped at our fingertips, reducing our exposure to claims.”

Stevens’ goals for the future are having the most efficient fleet and staying ahead of the game from a technology standpoint. This includes streamlining customer integrations, exploring sustainability technology, and optimizing their overall business needs. They aim to find more companies like Vector that will connect them with solutions for time savings, utilization, and supply chain management as they push their transportation technology to peak efficiency. 

Vector is committed to being a YMS and rounding out their capabilities while enhancing their market differentiators. They plan to add more features to their flagship product, Vector Capture, to ensure it meets the needs of carriers. In the future, Vector will deepen its integrations with Platform Science for a more seamless driver experience. Stevens Transport was also able to integrate Vector’s Facility Solution utilizing the functionality developed between Platform Science and Vector. Through the partnership, Stevens’ drivers have a complete driver workflow for Facility Check-ins via Vector Fast Pass. 

Platform Science will continue to provide essential solutions for customers such as Stevens Transport with our ever-expanding selection of apps and integrations from trusted partners like Vector. 

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