GAF Doubles Throughput with Vector YMS

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Ryan Savage, Supply Chain Manager, GAF: Vector is a digital driver check in tool that allows the, shipper and the, truck driver to communicate without the need of a, a guard, a security guard and or someone else to check them in. Vector allows us to communicate through a smartphone and provide pretty much everything that the driver needs to know and get them in and out as quick as possible.

James Parks, Shipping Specialist, GAF: When drivers are dispatched out to our facility, there’s large signs that basically has a QR code, and it makes it as easy as possible for the driver to get informed almost immediately as soon as they get to the warehouse.

Ryan Savage: It also has a phone number. The driver can also text, and that immediately puts them into the vector system, and immediately puts them in a check in queue for us, and then that way we communicate with them, you know, via the cell phone.

Before Vector, we had, you know, a lot of lag time. We required someone to be out there at the gate, physically there to, to talk to the driver. It was just a long, drawn out process.

James Parks: Each of these drivers would have to call in to one of two people to answer the phone. So, a lot of them would get busy signals, or they would have to wait on the line for a long time for somebody to be able to get back to them, and Vector has really, been able to, kind of eliminate that call centered kind of feeling that was just kind of chaotic.

Instead, you know, Vector is able to take each of those calls, put in that information, and put them into a virtual queue, but also keeps them connected to that person, if needed.

Ryan Savage: There’s no doubt that the waiting period, per truck is probably been reduced approximately 30 minutes, I would imagine. It really has streamlined, how we do business on an inbound and outbound, trucking.

James Parks: It has really added an efficiency that we were missing. It’s basically allowed us to, to focus on what’s needed most. Drivers are receptive and, we try to make their experience as positive as possible as well.

Ryan Savage: We marketed this to help us be a shipper of choice. We want the carriers to know and the drivers to know that they can come in here, use Vector, and it’ll allow them to get in and out sooner.

Cause we all know that, you know, if the driver’s not, actually moving, he’s not, making any money. So it really is a… a win win for both of us.

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