Ask me anything with Rick Schweitzer, Legal Counsel for the NPTC

June 17, 2020

Ask me anything with Rick Schweitzer, Legal Counsel for the NPTC

In today’s challenging business environment, logistics companies, their customers and partners are looking for real-time, digitized order tracking, from origin to bill of lading (BOL). Documents like BOLs play a significant part in the delivery process, establishing proof that a package has been delivered and acts as a receipt. However, recent safety protocols have required traditional documents between shippers, carriers and receivers to become digitized for contactless interactions.

Watch this 40 min “ask me anything” style webinar, presented by Vector and FreightWaves, as we discuss the adoption of eDocuments in transportation and logistics. The webinar will feature insights from Rick Schweitzer, Legal Counsel for the NPTC and Will Chu, CEO and Co-Founder of Vector.

Key questions we will address include:

• Post-pandemic (outside of the HOS exemptions), what are some of the new policies that the FMCSA is currently thinking about implementing?

• What is the policy around hazmat documentation? Can hazmat documents be digital, or do they have to remain on paper?

• What is the policy around any type of e-document? Should any document remain paper based?

• Why haven’t we seen an eBOL until now? What are the risks and legalities involved in using an eBOL or any type of e-document?

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