How It Works

Vector Yard Management

The Vector Yard Management enables seamless collaboration by all parties in a shipment’s lifecycle. From shipper to carrier to consignee, Vector’s end-to-end solution digitally captures all workflows to facilitate digital pickups and deliveries.

This enhances visibility and unlocks efficiency gains by removing manual processes associated with paperwork for your team and partners.

Digital check in

Replace physical paper with a digital record

Driver checks out & completes delivery workflows


Digital Check In

The workflow is configured so that drivers provide all the necessary information required by your facility.

The dock door or yard location is either manually assigned or automatically assigned via an integration with your systems, all without ever having to transfer paper documents or pagers.


Instant visibility with eBOLs

Vector provides electronic Bill of Ladings to the drivers picking up at your facility. Vector ingests your existing BOLs from your WMS via email, SFTP, or API. The eBOLs are automatically routed to the driver for their electronic signature. The digital record provides real-time visibility of pickup and delivery events, their timestamps and GPS locations.


Loaded and rolling without the paper

Once shipment documents are auto-transmitted to the driver, additional workflows during check-out can be executed by the shipping clerk or a security guard. Depending on a shipper’s requirements, trailer seal verifications or even temperature checks can be conducted as part of the exit workflows on any mobile device.

From then on, the shipper and carrier dispatch has instant visibility of any shipment status changes and of any potential OS&D workflows.

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