Supercharge your driver workflow with TMS data

by Vector | Sep 29, 2020 12:00:00 AM

Supercharge your driver workflow with TMS data

September 29, 2020
Supercharge your driver workflow with TMS data

Transportation Management Systems contain huge amounts of data. Cargo details, trip and dispatch details as well as customer and contact details, just to name a few common data elements.

What if you could expose any field in your TMS to your driver’s workflow?

Everyone in trucking has experienced situations in the field that deviate significantly from what was planned in their TMS, and probably more frequently than they care to deal with. Drivers need to be able to catch these situations sooner, and communicate them quicker to the back office, so that fleet operation teams can take action.

For example:

  • If the weight of the cargo is a heavy load, and taking on more than half a tank of fuel could cause the load to become overweight, this becomes a risk and potential cost to the business. Truck damage and weight stop fines can add up. 
  • If the customer requires a specific temperature setting which  goes outside a certain range during the trip, the carrier is liable and needs to be able to document that temperature was consistent throughout the duration of the trip in order to meet their contractual obligation. .
  • If the tractor and trailer ID is mis-typed by a driver, their eDVIR will not be actioned appropriately.  You want the tractor and trailer IDs pre-populated for the driver so they don’t have to manually enter them.

Well, we have great news, the above, and many more use cases are now possible with Vector!

If we have integrated into your TMS, we can now expose any field in that TMS to your driver workflow, provided we are already replicating it.  Temperature, cargo weight, tractor/trailer ID or any other field that could be utilized in a driver facing workflow, from your TMS, is now available to the custom workflows that Vector offers.


Driver Workflow:

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