Digital Documents

At Vector, an electronic BOL can be represented by:
  1. A PDF or an image of the BOL that is used by the facility
  2. The underlying data elements that are on the PDF, e.g. “load number”, “customer”, individual items. Vector will render out the PDF based on the underlying data.

On pickup, drivers and clerks can electronically sign the Bill of Lading, generating a proof of shipment.

Why is it important?

Bill of Ladings are how information is passed between shipper to carrier to receiver. Moving the information from paper to digital:

  • Eliminates manual data entry reducing errors and fraud
  • Makes information searchable instantly which means people don’t have to go digging in boxes for old BOLs when there is an issue
  • Real-time audit trail of the chain of custody 
  • Enables earlier planning. Shippers or drivers are able to submit their BOLs on pickup, allowing for the receiving facility to get earlier visibility. In my instances, the BOL beats the ASN and has more accurate information of what’s on the truck.
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