Touchless freight documentation
Touchless Docs for shippers and their carrier partners
Touchless freight documentation workflows protect your warehouse teams and your partner carriers in today's environment
bill of lading
BEFORE: Existing Paper-Based Workflows
At every step of the way, paper bill-of-ladings necessitate constant close-quarter interactions, delays, and manual processing work. This increases risk for workers in the truck and warehouse and presents inherent inefficiencies and lack of visibility for all parties.
eBOL workflows
AFTER: Vector Touchless eBOL Workflows
With Vector's Touchless eBOL workflows, freight documentation is made available immediately to all parties involve via the cloud. This enhances visibility, reduces manual processes and most importantly, reduces health risks for essential workers.
How it works:
bill of lading mobile app
1. Shippers stage Bill of Ladings via Vector's auto-imaging module
Using Vector's auto-imaging capabilities, Bill of Ladings and other freight documentation can be ingested en masse and made available for drivers to access via mobile app and SMS workflows.
digital proof of delivery
2. Drivers complete their workflows from their cab, sidestepping physical handoffs
Drivers digitally access freight documentation and sign-off on Proof of Shipments via mobile app. At delivery, receivers complete Proof of Delivery workflows via mobile app or web app.
proof of shipment, proof of delivery
3. Proof of Shipments and Proof of Deliveries available via the web
Digitally signed Proof of Shipments from the carrier drivers and Proof of Deliveries from receivers are made available via mobile app, the web, system integrations or API.
1. Staged Bill of Ladings by Shippers

Vector automatically ingests your BOLs

Simply email BOLs and other freight documentation to your Vector inbox, or upload via Vector's web application or SFTP server. Once documents are ingested, Vector's auto-imaging module automatically indexes the paperwork and stages them for access by verified drivers. No manual indexing or doctyping required.

Vector software bill of lading
2. DRIVERS access touchless bill of ladings

Get loaded without the paper handoff

Upon pulling in to a dock, drivers access relevant freight documentation via the Vector mobile app. Drivers then answer a short series of questions to confirm that they have taken ownership of the cargo and to digitally sign off. All from the safety of their cabs.

touchless bill of lading
driver SMS Vector
A) Driver fills out short questionnaire
With a few pieces of information answered via Vector's SMS Chatbot, the appropriate freight documentation is staged for the driver to then verify.
dock photos and digital signature
B) Dock photos and digital signature
Verification involves snapping a photo of the trailer and dock which includes geolocation data. Coupled with the driver's e-signature, the correct BOL is then released to the driver.
digital Bill of lading
C) BOLs are made available to driver
Digital BOLs are easily accessed via their mobile browser. At delivery, photos of dock door and the receiver, the receiver's name and geolocation serve as the Proof of Delivery.
3. verified deliveries accessed via web portal

Freight documents on demand

All documentation including BOLs can be accessed via the web portal. Shipped and delivered loads will have additional data on the BOL provided by the driver including photographs of dock doors, date and timestamps and e-signatures.

on demand freight documents
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