Paperwork going nowhere fast?
Mobile scanning and document management
Get paperwork back from your drivers immediately. Vector's image quality is trusted by the leaders in the industry but that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Perfect Scans

Vector Mobile works on Android devices, iPhones and even PeopleNet PCTs. Vector Mobile automatically captures, crops and enhances all paperwork so the driver doesn’t have to. This auto-assist ensures drivers of all abilities are uploading perfect digital copies, regardless of lighting, faint print, or backdrops.

Work Offline
Have trouble with cell reception? Don’t worry about it. Workflows and documents are intelligently uploaded in the background when there is a signal. 
GPS Tagging
GPS Tagging - Do you need to document the location of a workflow such as pickup or delivery? Very large fleets and 3PL’s use Vector Mobile for tracking their trailer pools.
Auto-routing and notifications
Do you want the documents sent to certain people, partners or departments? Users can setup triggers and alerts so that the paperwork gets routed to the people that you want. 

Access anywhere, anytime

Getting Proof of Deliveries back to the office is key to making money sooner. Vector's web portal provides access to your documentation via any desktop browser.

Virtual filing cabinet
Documents are organized by reference number and document type in your web portal along with information on who, when and where documents were uploaded. Each user has the tools to customize their view to review and process documentation. If you need more visibility, Vector's audit trail provides an activity history for every upload.

Our web portal is your personalized search engine for your documents. Have you found yourself trying to find the paperwork for a load last month where one of your drivers, Scott, was detained? Boom, you can do that within seconds with Vector. 
Do you have software systems where you want the documents sent to? Good. We integrate well with everyone and we’ll do the heavy lifting
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