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Increase safety and operational efficiency

Streamline your operations while protecting your warehouse teams and carrier partners in today's environment

Vector enables seamless collaboration by all parties in a shipment’s lifecycle. From shipper to carrier to consignee, Vector’s end-to-end solution digitally captures all workflows to facilitate contactless pickups and deliveries. This enhances visibility and unlocks efficiency gains by removing manual processes associated with paperwork, all while ensuring the safety of your team and partners.

Vector software bill of lading
More than just an ebol

Digitizing the BOL is only a small part of going contactless

For a typical shipment, a paper trail of check-in documents, dock door assignments, and seal verifications necessitate constant close-quarter interactions. This increases risk for drivers, security guards, shipping clerks and warehouse personnel while highlighting the inherent inefficiencies in today's paper-driven processes. Vector's solution addresses the entire pickup and delivery workflow holistically.

bill of lading
How it works:
bill of lading mobile app
1. Driver checks into facility via QR code, provides shipment identifier
digital proof of delivery
2. Shipment documents auto-ingested and auto-transmitted to driver
proof of shipment, proof of delivery
3. Driver checks-out & completes delivery workflows
1. DRIVER Check-In and Pick-up Workflows

Checked-in and assigned from the cab

A carrier driver upon arrival at a facility quickly checks-in by scanning a posted QR code. Driver then provides shipment number with most of the driver's other identifying information automatically submitted. Facility personnel can then assign a dock door or yard location, all without ever having to transfer paper documents or pagers.

Whether the driver is on a company-issued tablet, or on a personal device, Vector works with phone numbers, email addresses and even a fleet's telematics identifiers.

touchless bill of lading
2. Auto-imaging, auto-transmission

Vector automatically ingests your BOLs

After trailer is loaded, bills-of-lading, pick sheets and other required shipment documents are imported into Vector. Simply email BOLs and other freight documentation to your Vector inbox, or upload via Vector's web application, API or SFTP server. Once documents are ingested, Vector's auto-imaging module identifies the paperwork and automatically transmits them to the appropriate driver. No manual indexing, doctyping or transmission required.

Vector software bill of lading
3. DRIVER Check-Out & Delivery Workflows

Loaded and rolling without the paper

Once shipment documents are auto-transmitted to the driver, additional workflows during check-out can be executed by the shipping clerk or a security guard. Depending on a shipper's requirements, trailer seal verifications or even temperature checks can be conducted as part of the exit workflows on any mobile device.

From then on, the shipper and carrier dispatch has instant visibility of any shipment status changes and of any potential OS&D workflows.

touchless bill of lading
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