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Pacific Gas & Energy Case Study

Case Study eBook: Pacific Gas & Energy

Vector worked closely with PG&E to implement custom workflows enabling better collaboration amongst its suppliers, carriers and work crews.PG&E gained real-time visibility and better inventory management across the supply chain while decreasing the time to installation and minimizing the amount of trips to complete a job.

Magnum LTL Utilizes Trimble and Vector Solutions to Streamline In-Cab Scanning and Document Management Capabilities
“It was night and day in terms of image quality, ease of use and capabilities,” said Kjelland. “What also impressed us was Vector’s agility; during our evaluation, we would ask for specific customizations and Vector was able to turn around the functionality in as little as 24 hours.”
JLE Industries Accelerates Growth with Freight Document Digitization
JLE Industries is one of the fastest-growing flatbed carriers in the nation. A lot of that growth is enabled by a driver-focused culture that accommodates driver needs as much as possible and has kept their turnover rate low. Part of the driver care includes simplifying the paperwork around load pickup and delivery to reduce frustrating delays at shippers and receivers. 
Oil, gas and renewable energy transport company, FMC Transport, eliminates paper waste with Vector
FMC Transport is a common carrier of petroleum-based products including gasoline / diesel, ethanol, biodiesel, asphalt / emulsions, and LPG. With 24/7 on-call dispatch, FMC Transport is committed to customer service and on-time delivery.
Tiger Lines Streamlines Workflows and Reduces Time To Invoice
Tiger Lines Streamlines Invoicing with Vector Delivery to Cash Suite . "For the back office it’s more than just pick up and delivery to ensure commitments are fulfilled, each type of delivery service comes with its own stack of paperwork, making it even more difficult to standardize across several locations.‍"
Sharco Express Slashes Paperwork Processing Time, Frees Cash Flow
Onboarding took less than a week and, “since implementation, it hasn’t been on my mind at all. It’s easy, it’s operating in the background. The drivers use it day in and day out. The accounting team is processing invoices from it. It’s easy for guys to pick up. I don’t take any phone calls,” says Ball.
Buchheit Logistics Reduces Costs By Streamlining Invoicing
Buchheit Logistics was looking for a solution that would both reduce the costs associated with paperwork and streamline the overall invoicing process. With Vector, Buchheit now has an efficient workflow that alleviates the need for manual paperwork processing and enables the company to bill customers more quickly.
Western Distributing Moves Trip Documents Faster Via Vector
For Denver-based Western Distributing Transportation Co., speeding up delivery paperwork with a mobile app that allows drivers to send documents straight from the road to the back office sounded like a potential game-changer — that is, if the technology worked. The carrier turned to Vector's app frustrated with another provider's unreliable document scans, which stunted the potential of technology that promised to slash paperwork processing time and costs. Now, after a smooth transition to the Vector app, Western Distributing is seeing the benefits of a more streamlined digital workflow, including drivers happy with the easy-to-use solution.
Brady Trucking Implements One Day Invoice Turn-Around Time
"We have sped up our processing considerably. Some orders before Vector were as many as 10 or 12 days out a time."
Crestwood Transportation Relies On Vector To Decrease Processing Times And Expedite Billing
At a central supply and logistics hub in Kansas City, transportation services provider Crestwood Transportation LLC is building a new model for modern fleets. Fresh off a re-engineering of business systems primed for today’s competitive landscape, the company now runs on real-time data and streamlined back-office systems. Amid a push to make the most of new technologies, the Vector mobile document scanning app has become a crucial link between drivers and business leaders at home base. Eight months into a deployment that now covers all 280 trucks in Crestwood’s fleet, the company relies on Vector for high-quality images of crucial documents to decrease processing times and expedite billing.
Tribe Transportation Grows Fleet And Speeds Up Cash Flow
Tribe has measured an average seven-day decrease in DSO, or accounts receivable turnover. “We’re able to get our bills of lading in, we’re able to invoice quicker, which speeds up our cash flow,” Gooch says. That’s really the game changer for us.”
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