Road Dog Trucking Interviews Vector CEO, Will Chu (5/5/2020)

Road Dog Trucking Interviews Vector CEO, Will Chu (5/5/2020)

Mark Willis, from Road Dog Trucking invited Will Chu, Vector’s CEO to share the company’s story on his SiriusXM talk show. They discussed a wide range of topics from how the company got started to the pandemic as well as changes in the supply chain and autonomous trucking.

‍1. How did you and your co-founders learn about the problem?

2. How did you fund the initial startup?

3. How has the product evolved?

4. What are the benefits fleets are getting out of your products?

5. How has it helped them keep their drivers happy?

6. Why is digitization of trucking important?

7. How has your team been doing through the COVID-19 pandemic?

8. How will the freight business change after Covid-19?

9. What changes will we see in supply chains? How will that affect fleets?