1,000 Calls: BYOS (Bring Your Own Software)

February 21, 2019
1,000 Calls: BYOS (Bring Your Own Software)

Editor’s note: At Vector we spend our days talking to trucking companies steering through a fast-changing industry. This column is part of a series, ‘1,000 Calls,’ where we break down lessons learned along the way. This week: How to ensure that ever-evolving trucking tech works together.

As a startup serving the trucking industry, we often hear from fleets that have made a large up-front investment in an entire transportation management system (TMS) and are now locked into a multi-year contract with a jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none provider. Eager to have drivers setup with Vector’s mobile document scanning app LoadDocs, they ask, “Can we have both?”

Yes, you can have both! Vector specializes in driver user experience, ensuring that our capacity to capture clear images through the LoadDocs mobile app works with your existing TMS, feeding flawless digital images of bills of ladings and other documents in the correct format directly from drivers to back-office computer systems.

Does your TMS provider already offer a document capture solution that you technically are paying for but not using? Not surprising. It turns out that building a good driver app that fleets can and will actually use is hard.

Getting the driver app right is critical for communication, and that’s why many TMS providers defer to Vector for this link in the operational chain.

How do you connect Vector and your TMS?

Vector has established interfaces with the major TMS providers. Many fleets that are using TMW, Synergize, PeopleNet, McLeod, EBE, Axon, ProfitTools, Prophecy, and Compcare, to name a few, are also using Vector’s driver app.

These systems can be set up to automatically import files through Vector via Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). Vector’s driver app works on existing hardware—be it a driver’s iOS or Android smartphone, or a Verizon, Samsung, PeopleNet or Compcare or tablet, among other devices—to share data back and forth with your TMS, linking your office team to drivers out on delivery.

Rest assured that Vector can be added to your existing tech stack; our style is integration and working with existing systems, rather than disruption and change.

Click here to learn more about Vector's on-the-road document scanning app, LoadDocs.

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