Home Depot Supplier & Carrier Onboarding

Home Depot's contactless deliveries are powered by Vector. Vector Contactless Deliveries enables faster truck turns at facilities, safer handoffs by removing paper bills-of-lading and in-person interactions, and provides enhanced visibility for all parties. Click here to learn more.

To register and deliver efficiently and safely to Home Depot facilities, please choose your role below:

Vector Contactless Deliveries

Streamline your operations while protecting your personnel

Vector enables seamless collaboration by all parties in a shipment’s lifecycle. From shipper to carrier to consignee, Vector’s end-to-end solution digitally captures all workflows to facilitate contactless pickups and deliveries. This enhances visibility and unlocks efficiency gains by removing manual processes associated with paperwork, all while ensuring the safety of your team and partners.

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Enhance visibility into your shipments while protecting your warehouse staff

With Vector, gain visibility of your shipment from pickup to delivery

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digital proof of delivery
Real-time visibility on what was picked-up and delivered including any exceptions
digital proof of delivery
Digital workflows enable facilities to measure every step of their process to drive efficiencies
proof of shipment, proof of delivery
Removes the need for physical interactions between warehouse employees and drivers
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CSCMP Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals

Get your trucks turned faster and protect your drivers

Have your drivers use the Vector mobile application to digitally check-in at Home Depot's facilities, get routed, and the eBOL signed off. Track every shipments' progress in real-time.

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proof of shipment, proof of delivery
Invoice immediately upon delivery without having driver transmit paperwork manually
digital proof of delivery
Minimize your driver's time at a facility with digital check-in workflows and Vector's eBOL
digital proof of delivery
Access your paperwork from anywhere, search or filter by shipment number or any OCRed text
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