Vector Contactless Check-In & Dispatch Tutorial for FXG


Introduction to the Vector Web Application

These resources will provide a high-level walk through for how to navigate the web application to quickly find your facility’s check-ins and trips.

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Create Trips

Creating a Trip for Outbound Dispatch

A trip in Vector replaces the need for the Hookslip and TLCR. Review this guide to learn how trips can be created and staged in Vector prior to a driver arriving at the facility.

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Review Trips

Reviewing Created Trips on Vector Web App

Once created in the Vector web application, a trip can still be modified by the LH Coordinator at any point. Learn here how to easily search, view, and modify trips in Vector.

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Receive driver check-ins

Receiving & Filtering Driver Check-Ins

Once a check-in is created by a driver, the LH Coordinator is able to view immediately on the web app and communicate with the driver. These resources will share some tips for how to organize check-ins.

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Process driver Check-ins

Triage & Process Driver Check-Ins

From the office, coordinators can modify and organize the check-ins to effectively manage a queue of drivers currently onsite. These resources will introduce best practices for how to utilize the check-in to maintain awareness of drivers onsite and ensure relevant data is updated back into TMS.

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Assigning trips

Assigning Trip to a Driver Check-In

Linking a Trip to a Check-in will automatically transmit the trip and hook details to the driver that checked-in. Review these materials for instructions on how to complete that link.

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Dispatch driver

Review Hook Information & Dispatch Driver

Once the driver has submitted the hook information back on the mobile application, the LH Coordinator is able to review that from the web application in real time. These resources will walk through how to verify the hook information and dispatch a driver for departure.

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