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    How to Leverage Technology and Data to Strengthen Your Supply Chain Business with Microsoft's Dave Sayers

    “One of the first ones I'll talk about is one of our big infrastructure customers that do an awful...
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    How Canon Improves Their Service through Their Warehouse Management System with Canon's Dan Schultz

    “I'll focus on a recent initiative that's been a long time in planning and execution. That...
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    Why your 3PLs Tech Stack is Important to Your Business with Muhammad Imran Tahir

    “We've been in business for many years, and we would handle our own logistics from ground zero....

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    Moving from EDI to API to Streamline Your Supply Chain

    “So the problem is there's a severe global shortage of many electronic components today, making it...
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    Leveraging TMS and WMS Solutions to Help with Cross Dock Network Optimization with Ivan Hernandez

    “Major consideration, as I mentioned, is customer service. In this case, our plants. Second, we are...
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    Supply Chain Business Intelligence: Data Rich vs. Information Poor with Envista's Michael Falls

    "Shippers tend to be data rich but information poor. Shippers have access today to more data than...
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    Pragmatic advice for rolling out a global TMS; automation, integration, and scalability with Heidi Lovstad, Supply Chain Leader, NOV

    “The global logistics team is handling shipments on a truly global scale. We're moving everything...
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    Using Predictive Models for Supply Chain Planning with Grant Sackett

    "What solutions are you putting in place to keep your supply chain agile? With buying natural...
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    WMS Upgrade Scales Retail And Direct To Customer Fulfillment with Get Jack Black's Tony Whyte

    "We’re very environmentally focused. We have an environmental pillar as one of our strategic...
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    Implementing a Rate-Cost Optimization System to Fuel E-commerce Growth with Boscov's Dallas Foard

    “ The system allowed us to load the rates for all of our parcel carriers into one centralized...
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